Recognized by his performance and research about Conceptual Art, Paulo Bruscky (Recife, 1949) has an artistic career, initiated in the 1960's, marked until today by a discourse based in the political reality lived by him and the constant relationship between art and life.

His works are created using varied elements, different objects, such as boards of electronic circuits, industrialized food glass, several adds and an iron – used by the artist as matrix for engraving;

"Open and smell: this envelope contains smell of Olinda's beach."

"Art in all means."

besides that and even more frequent, in the production of his works he still uses stamps, pictures, copiers, fax, vintage duplicating machines, postcards...

"Dear friend Guardia, warm regards. Attached, there are the xerox copies as you asked for. I think this series of telegrams that you do could be a great book/envelope, and the content of the envelopes could vary or not as you reproduce it or make the envelope (like plastic bag) different from each other. From the friend, Paulo Bruscky."

a contemporary artist that invariably reaps the limits of the languages and artistic borders.

"The motif of some Bruscky's artistic gesture is the play with words. What occurs is an ellipsis of significance, that is, an (in)articulation of senses provoked by the gesture of the artist – a kind of verbal site-especific action in which the irony of the artistic gesture suspends any semantic meaning."

-- Cristina Freire (in Paulo Bruscky: arte, arquivo e utopia, SP: 2006).

"This project started in 1975 and is still unfinished. The objective of the first step was sending these envelopes (inside other commons) and ask for several people from different Brazilian States to remove the 'unknown destination' (already stamped) from inside the common envelopes and put them inside the collector boxes of the mail service so they could go back to the author/sender because, according to the mail rules, if they don't find the addressee, the mail needs to be returned to the sender. This work/proposal was already showed in 'Evento 77', in Italy, and it already has a programming for various countries (Brazil, US, Mexico, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway). Ask for a 'unknown sender' declaration jointly with me. Paulo Bruscky."

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