Aug 1, 2009 - Aug 31, 2009

Very Fun Park 2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei's East District

In 2009, Artist Hung Yi uses the image of a “cat” to express the anticipation for the future (2010 will be the “tiger” year, and cat means “small tiger” in Chinese). Through smiles, the cat reminds people that the warmth and courage in life comes from smiles of you and me. Under the blue skies, white clouds, and cheerful smiles, we look forward to a bright future.

It is not necessary for art to have a big reason, it can be very simple, then can visitors truly feel connected to the pieces, and generate the feelings of kinship. Cai Jie-Hua feels that the importance of art, other than a representation of the artist himself or herself, but more importantly, it is not the art piece itself, but the people she shared a life and warmth with. No big reason, no big theories, just like that, happiness is the key.

Through construction and deconstruction, Hsi Shih-Pin used the basic structures and shapes of common objects in life to create bizarre spaces, and this new style sculptural art allows the viewers to reinterpret the forms from different angles and through imaginations.

Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Branch

Water pipes, one of the most commonly seen construction materials in the city, are the key theme of the “Sound Cube” exhibit. Curved water pipes are connected together and visitors can listen to the different sounds via different ear holes, and through onsite control, modify the original sounds.

This exhibition aims to recycle abandoned tires, and using different types of recyclable materials to weave chair covers of different textures. Giving new lives to these old tires which no one gives a second look, and make them into soft and bouncy donuts.

Private House at Dunnan

There is a merry-go-round where we daydream happily every day. As total happiness is not possible in everyday life, "nonsense and imaginations” decorate life, making it more fun. Let daydreaming be your habit.

As you come in, you will be lost in the mythical forest garden just like Snow White, but don’t worry; you will not meet the bad witch… Or, you want to fall into the candy house, and chew on the sweet and fragrant rainbow candies…No way, is this Jack and the beanstalk? Then, where is the giant?

Starting from the attitude of “playfulness” Artist You Ya-Rong gave food different possibilities. She refocused art back to the nature of “playfulness” and leaped away from the stereotypical forms and functions of things to actively and freely interpret the concept of “play”.

If you pass by the window of Vis@Vis, a fashion salon favored by young crowds, you will see objects that look like hats or some kind of individual nests standing in the waiting zone window.

The Paper Rabbit series of Mia Liu falls into the same line. Paper rabbits in different patterns represent different social classes and styles. They all gathered onto the wall of minka. The tags under the paper rabbits strengthen the implication of the consumption culture.

Fubon Art Foundation
Credits: Story

CEO:Maggie Tsai
Director:Vivian Hsiung
Administration:Wen-Ching Shin, Yen-Hsin Chen, Yu-Hsuan Lu, I-Chu Wang
Exhibition:Wei-Lun Chen, Wei-Ling Tsao, Boogie Chou, Yuan-Lan Liu
Promotion:Jada Chan, Chyi-Ju Chiu, Ju-Fang Yao
Forum:Yu-Chin Wu, Yu-Chien Su, I-Hsuan Li
Animation:Gong Eric
Photography:Shun-Lung Chung
Documentary Production:On-Works
Book Design:Onion Design

Huang Jen-Yang, Hung-Yi, Lee Ming-Chung, Lin Min-Yi, Alixe Fu, Pan Ping-Yu, His Shih-Pin, Hsu Wei-Hui, Moroizumi Shigeru, Mia Liu, E Chan, Chen Wan-Jen, Prilla Tania, You Ya-Rong, Shigematsu Junya, gift_, Wu Chi-Tsung, Jonathan Harris, Francis, Huang Wei-Huei, Shiah Shiah, Hong Rong-Zhen, Li LING-Ying, Lu Zhen-Yan, Cai Kun-Lin, Huang Lan-Ya, Hung Yi-Ching, Chuang Owen, Tung Ming-Chin, Tai Han-Hong, Peng Ying-Ying, Lai Jiu-Cen, Zhuang Hui-Lin, Yu Wen-Fu, Chang-Ling, Chang Li-Ren, Wang Te-Yu, Ah Leon, Hung Shao-Pei, Hsia Ai-Hua, Cai Jie-Shen

Credits: All media
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