Contemporary and modern artists that have in common a relation to affective memories and emotional states.

From the contemporary selection for this poetic frame, we highlight two photographs of the series Salt air collection by the artist born in Rio de Janeiro Brígida Baltar.

For the curator and UFPE professor Maria do Carmo Nino (2015), Salt Air collection “emphasizes more the phenomenology than the aesthetics in proposing, through photography, the implied affective and subjective feeling of gathering something imponderable, such as salt air or dew”.

In Bestiário Íntimo, Efraim Almeida evokes the delicacy and fragility of the early childhood when observing baby birds in their nests.

Because of a policy initiated in 2001 by Moacir dos Anjos to increase contemporary artworks in the museum, these works were included in MAMAM collection.

On the modernist side, we highlight the works by do Rêgo Monteiro siblings: Fedora, Joaquim and Vicente.

Vicente do Rêgo Monteiro has 22 of his works as part of the collection: 11 paintings (presented here) and 11 caligramas.

In his paintings, the affective relations are strongly connected to the artist's cultural memory.

The artist Tarsila do Amaral closes this affectionate frame of MAMAM's collection with her works in metal engraving, portraying in consonance with her Pau-Brazil phase a rural Brazil, with its nature and villages.

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