Face to Face

Imago Mundi

MAY 9 - MAY 28 2017

Dialogues, comparisons and bridges: 10x12 cm works by 900 artists compose the mosaic of contemporary creativity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia

May 2017. An aesthetic and artistic composition made up of new and original visions from the most significant artists of seven of Europe’s most recent republics: “Face to Face,” the new stage in Imago Mundi’s journey, connects, unites, pushes back and compares, in a exhibition hosted at the Bosnian Cultural Centre in Sarajevo, from 9th to 28th May.

The Bosnian Minister of Culture at the opening of Imago Mundi exhibition "Face to Face"

It is no coincidence that Imago Mundi’s latest appointment takes place on 9th May, Europe Day, in Sarajevo, a key city for European and world history, evocative of cruel and painful wounds. The aspiration is to overcome borders, heal rifts and build new paths, channelling the creative energy of nearly 900 artists, who have come together in the name of a shared ideal of beauty.

Nicola Minasi, Italian Embassador in BiH, at the opening of Imago Mundi exhibition "Face to Face"

The opening of the exhibition will be preceded by a round table, which will be held at 12pm/noon and will be curated by Claudio Scorretti and Irina Ungureanu. The event aims to generate a conversation on the subject of contemporary art in these countries and will consist of three phases: an initial moment of dialogue between the curators of the collections; a debate among the artists, representing the countries on display; and finally an exploration, from multiple perspectives, of artistic experience across the whole region.

Manuela Da Cortà, curator of Bosnia Herzegovina, explains her collection during the round table at the opening of Imago Mundi exhibition "Face to Face"

Rok Bogataj, artist from Slovenia at the opening of Imago Mundi exhibition "Face to Face"

Countries in which complex historical events, marked by the interchange and - often restless – coexistence of different peoples, cultures and religions, have occurred in a mutable region composed of mountains, coastlines, rivers, islands and plains: the result is a cultural landscape whose defining feature is the bridge, that unites and invites encounters, because, in the words of Ivo Andrić, hope and the future often lie on “the other side.”

Thus, Imago Mundi brings the artists, their works and, by extension, the realities of belonging, “Face to Face”: in this encounter the parties are not divided and distant, but, by virtue of their differences, in fact, find common ground for constructive comparison and mutual growth.

Saša Janjić and Petar Mirković at the opening of Imago Mundi Exhibition "Face to Face"

The whole Imago Mundi Face to Face team at the opening of Imago Mundi exhibition "Face to Face"

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