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Source of student creativity
The items produced by students reflect their experiences—things they have seen, touched, and felt. The source of this creativity can be found throughout Bunka Fashion College, helping to unleash creativity and develop it without constraints.
The benefits of contests
By actively taking part in contests in Japan and abroad, students gain skills they could not simply by attending classes, and being evaluated by professionals allows them to achieve major psychological growth while expanding their circle of creative contacts.

Akane Ueno in Creative Apparel Design: “For this dress expressing light and shade, I used a motif based on ancient Japanese andon lamps, which have paper shades. I was aiming to bring out a clear silhouette using the chiffon-like Soalon material, which has rich draping properties.”

Koh In in Creative Apparel Design: “Based on the motif of bondage, I used black leather to express the possessiveness that comes from amorous love. Due to this very human theme, I intentionally made it a stylish design that was inorganic.”

Aya Furuya in Creative Design (Advanced Diploma): “I struggled to achieve a balance of familiarity and solid design, but was eventually able to express my vision of the beauty and strength of Turkish art and architectural aesthetics, which I used as the source of the design.”

Kurumi Yamamoto in Creative Design (Advanced Diploma): “This expresses the ambience of Tokyo, a metropolis brimming with dreams and aspirations of futuristic design. I explored a combination of patterns, and consciously aimed for it to be bold and make an impact.”

Jo Bong-sung in Bag Design: “The theme is ‘Traveling in Africa.’ I put the most work into the parts that go over the shoulders, assembling at least 20 components to make the horns.”

Ryosuke Kojima in Bag Design: “I brought originality to the design by combining leather with LEDs, which are the antithesis of leather.”

Tomoki Maruoka in Footwear Design: “I based this on traditional Japanese socks (tabi), straw sandals (waraji), and armor. I succeeded in making the color and feel of leather match a modern style.”

One drawing—Many interpretations

Competing in taste and technique for the Toilliste Award

Students compete to produce sheeting according to their own preferences and ideas based on the same drawing—a front style design for a single look. The Toilliste Award is awarded for works with the greatest inventiveness and technical skill.

A record of growth: Revisiting earlier items
No one is able to create magnificent works of fashion that impress people right off the bat. It takes trial and error, and experience in order to give expression to the world of your imagination.

Student work, title 'Dream'

The concept behind the work is to conjure up images of dreams when we see during sleep. It portrays the vision of the angelic, sweet and adorable world.

Student work

(right) title: SKIN. The Grimm Fairy Tales-inspired work which reflect the image of disappearing the boundaries between skin and clothes.
(left) title: Wave.This work reflect the image of waves which shows the wide variety of expression. It portrays the various waves such as heave, twist, or splash.

Student work

(right) title: Tigiru. Brand concept was inspired by “Chigiru/ Yakusoku-Suru” which are both Japanese words meaning “give one’s word.” This is made by Screen printing.

(left) title: Courtesan Parade Near Cherry Trees at Evening. Onuma made 8 works throughout the year under the theme of Famous Courtesans of the former Japan's largest licensed red-light district, Yoshiwara parade down the street wearing gorgeous clothes. These are the works of art, inspired by the theme Courtesan Parade Near Cherry Trees at Evening.

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