Bichinho da Maçã
The "Bichinho da Maçã" is one of the most complete works of Ziraldo. He returns to the time of his maturity as an artist, his narrative and his gaze for children's literature. The following studies show that this artist has a peculiar identity and why it makes him a so emblematic illustrator.
The Mysticism, the magic that is the life outside our planet, fills the work of Ziraldo with the Astronauts. A spell, a composition, a touch to depict our dark and enigmatic Universe.
The fascination for the nature, the animals, their different shapes, textures, colors. Ziraldo addresses the fauna perfectly and abuses of the features, expressions. Makes the art real, complete.
Characters and posters
The Ziraldo's collection is a demonstration of his enormous capacity to create and express the most diverse characters. Different, funny, interesting, deep. A particular way of seeing your world, his daydreams, his charms.
Smoking is pathetic
If there are features that identify the work of Ziraldo one if them is the hand. Not that, they are unique, with traits of that genius named Ziraldo.
Chico Anysio
Ziraldo produced many works together with Chico Anysio. They were great friends and symbols of Brazil. Some of the following illustrations were designed for Chico's works and books. A tribute to the master of the Brazilian mood, from a humorist to a humorist.
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Ziraldo Institute, 2016.

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