Fashion Graduate #3  Jannike Sommar

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

World top fashion is made in Antwerp. Discover new, wayward design talents. Here's Jannike's 2016 graduation process at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: Miss.

Jannike Sommar
Jannike is one of the 6 master students who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, in 2016. For her master collection MISS, the German graduate received The Belmodo Award ”Certificate of amazingness”. Follow Jannike Sommar on But first, take a good look behind the scenes here.

Jannike found the inspiration for her master graduation collection in the Netflix series 'Orange Is The New Black'. All characters are different, each one of them has a different attitude and way of clothing. Jannike's collection, however, is not created for these particular characters.

Prison, more particularly the isolation cell, was the space of inspiration. Being seperated from family and friends. Missing them. Sending letters to them. "I really wanted to personalise this story, so I pretended my girlfriend was actually in prison and I wrote her a letter. Then I embroidered the letter on a sheet and constructed an outfit from it."

I also started to work around the tattoos of the 'Orange Is The New Black' characters, but then I decided to make illustrations based on my own tattoos.

I incorporated the handwriting on prison walls and the universal signs depicting the counting of the days.

I really wanted to have a silhouette inspired by the eighties that exudes power, so I designed these oversized overalls and I created a double shoulder, which returns a few times.

The moment of truth: SHOW 2016, organised each year by the the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. A big audience, not only the people sitting there but the whole fashion world is watching.

In the collection you can find both a woman's strength and vulnerability. Each design has its own, very specific characteristics, yet the main theme is consequently applied.

Jannike Sommar looking back: I knew I had ‘something’ when I came to the academy, but during my studies I got to explore and delve into the thick of it and I really got to develop my skills.

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Jannike is very modest about her craftmanship, yet she shared her thoughts and images generously.
Big thanks!

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