"She's a Leader" from the US: Stephanie Rond

Women's Forum Street Art Project

Women's Forum Street Art Project #WFSAP


The Women’s Forum Street Art Project shows how much we’re missing if we believe street art to be the exclusive province of men. Ten women street artists from around the globe take part and contribute artwork on theme "She's a Leader”.

Meet the women behind the walls...

Stephanie Rond, North America Street Artist for the Women's Forum Street Art Project "She's a Leader"


Stephanie was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA in 1973. 

She attended Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School in Columbus, Ohio and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. You may have read about Stephanie’s artwork in Bitch magazine, a feminist publication in the United States. 

Stephanie is the founder of the website Women Street Artists. Stephanie is a stencil, spray paint, and wheat paste artist. She began posting her creations in the streets in 2007.Her work discusses the female experience. In Stephanie’s current street series, “ghost girl”, she creates a character that engages in her environment as an active citizen to combat the typical objectification of women that we see in advertisements everywhere.

By not hiding her identity as a woman and discussing women’s voice in the streets, Stephanie hopes that future generations of women street artists will be empowered to make outdoor space a venue where everyone can be heard and respected.  

Website: http://www.stephanierond.com/

"Precocious" Artwork  of Stephanie Rond, 944 N High St, Columbus, Ohio, 43201, USA, 2012
"Precocious" detail 
"XO", Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 3009 N High St, Columbus Ohio, 43202, USA, 2014
"Dangerous Impermanence" Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 400 W Rich St, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA, 2014
detail, 400 W Rich St, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA, 2014
detail, 400 W Rich St, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA, 2014
"Pink Girl Rising" Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 1199 Goodale Blvd, Grandview, Ohio, 43212, USA, 2014
"Holding Hope" Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 674 N High St, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA, 2014
"Pink Girl Reflecting" Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 1117 Oak St, Columbus, Ohio, 43205, USA, 2014
"Pink Girl Meta" Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 17 Brickel St, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA, 2014 

Artwork of Stephanie Rond for the WFSAP 

“She’s a leader of discovery”

“My piece, “She’s a leader of discovery”, is hand-cut stencil, spray paint, paper and wheat paste.  Like street art, the science world is male dominated. I wanted to pay homage to the women that face huge challenges every day and lead girls toward a brighter future in those fields of study.”

Stephanie, Ohio, 2014.

 “She’s a Leader of Discovery”  Artwork of Stephanie Rond, 595 S Third St, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA, 2014 for the WFSAP
 “She’s a leader of discovery”


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Street Artist — Stephanie Rond
WFSAP Project Manager — Nathalie Rault

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