"She is a leader" from Kuwait: Zahra Al Mahdi

Women's Forum Street Art Project

Women's Forum Street Art Project #WFSAP


The Women’s Forum Street Art Project shows how much we’re missing if we believe street art to be the exclusive province of men. Ten women street artists from around the globe take part and contribute artwork on theme "She's a Leader”.

Meet the women behind the walls...

“The first time I ever made a street mural was out of necessity. I had to cover what most had considered to be vandalism of a school wall across from my house. I bought a few spray cans and painted an overdone image of a female angle, with wings spread as wide as the obscenities they were meant to cover up. In the process a group of 10 year-old boys came up to me and asked if we could have a street art battle. I did not only get into street art that day, but I also started to socialize with other artists.”

“Street art has a place for women artists just as it is space that grants voice to artists who do not have the chance (to choose not to) participate in a more exposed art environment, or industry. Since women take up the bottom of every social ladder, the kind of agency that street art provides goes a long way.”

"The Woman of the Kuwait's tower of liberation" from "She's a Leader"

“What drove me into appreciating as well as practicing street art was its detachment form the social hierarchy that “success” in the art world relies on. It is art that is linked to nothing but its place and time. The street artist is not absent as a lack, but rather makes a statement not to be present. More importantly, it is art that that rejects any kind of preservation, which divorces from the process of reproduction. Having established that, it becomes art that is anarchist in nature.”


Credits: Story

Street Artist — Zahra Al Mahdi
Curator — Nathalie Rault, WFSAP Project Manager

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