"She's a Leader" from Russia: Zoya

Women's Forum Street Art Project

Women's Forum Street Art Project #WFSAP


The Women’s Forum Street Art Project shows how much we’re missing if we believe street art to be the exclusive province of men. Ten women street artists from around the globe take part and contribute artwork on theme "She's a Leader”.

Meet the women behind the walls...

ZOYA is representing CENTRAL ASIA (RUSSIA) for the WFSAP

She is born in Leningrad, former USSR. 

Zoya enrolled in art school against her parents will. At the age of 24 her life changed drastically when she divorced her husband and left her job. It was then she created her character named Zoa who paints with paper graffiti. 

Today Zoya uses her political and social protest graffiti to fight political regime and also to stand up for women’s rights in St. Petersburg, Russia.

crying woman , march 2014, Saint-Petersburg
"boy", April 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia
When did you first get into street art? "The first time I've done street work was in 2010." Zoya
"Dzhugashvili" , February 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
A series of "historicism" in December 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

“I moved from political activism to Art” Zoya

“I hope that russian women will be free and will stop being afraid of express themselves.” Зоя, Russia

"Do not hit me", July 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
"Zoe," April 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia
"May Day", May 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
"For that sits Taisa Osipova?", November 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
"Matryoshka", August 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
"At the hospital," January 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
"Blockade", January 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
"Alexandra Kollontai" June 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artwork of Zoya for the WFSAP

“Alexandra Kollontai”

“Alexandra Kollontai was a Russian revolutionary, the People's Commissar and speaker. She was also the ambassador of the USSR. I chose her because I have a lot responds in her lyrics, in her memoirs. Because she is romantic for me, her experience is inspiring.  I am delighted with the way she took care of working women, motherhood, as she moved away from home, from family to study Marxism, as well as to contribute to the revolutionary movement. In my work I have quoted ”People without imagination are dry and boring, they live only half"  

Zoya, St. Petersburg, 2014.

 “Alexandra Kollontai”- Artwork by Zoya, Russia, for the WFSAP
 “Alexandra Kollontai” - Artwork by Zoya, Russia, for the WFSAP



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Street Artist — Zoya, Russia
Curator — Nathalie Rault, WFSAP Project Manager

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