Feb 15, 2015

"She's a Leader" from Germany: MadC

Women's Forum Street Art Project

Women's Forum Street Art Project #WFSAP


The Women’s Forum Street Art Project shows how much we’re missing if we believe street art to be the exclusive province of men. Ten women street artists from around the globe take part and contribute artwork on theme "She's a Leader”.

Meet the women behind the walls...

MadC is representing EUROPE (GERMANY) for the WFSAP

MadC is an internationally renowned artist from Germany, who has worked in over 35 different counties across the globe.

MadC started her artistic trajectory as a teenaged graffiti writer, and has since then developed her creative endeavors into various fields such as graphic design, writing and fine art. She has studied at both Burg Giebichenstein – University of Art and Design, Halle and Central Saint Martins College, London, and carries a master degree in graphic design. MadC is also author and designer of two books on street and graffiti art Sticker City – Paper Graffiti Art (2007) and Street Fonts – Graffiti Alphabets From Around The World (2011) (both published under her birth name Claudia Walde).

As MadC she did her first graffiti piece already in 1996, and became known in the early 00’s for her burner walls, with dynamic wildstyle-pieces placed in detailed sceneries, often with themes and motifs taken from fantasy and sci-fi such as dragons and dinosaurs. Already these early works revealed a passion for meticulous accuracy. Her major international break trough came however in 2010 with the production of the work that has become known as the “700-Wall” – a 700 square-meter work along the train line between Berlin and Halle. This painting is most likely the largest graffiti mural created by a single person, and it was finished in four months time.

After the 700-Wall MadC has produced a few more thematic storytelling murals with detailed sceneries, but has also started to change direction in her artistic path. Since 2009 she has thus expanded her artistic outlet from graphic design and public murals into the format of canvases and fine art exhibitions. And in both her canvases and more recent murals the representational and narrative structures have begun to give way to more abstract painting, to images where the fore- and background have been flattened out and forged together with the middle ground as if the painting was painted on superimposed layers of thin glass.

The result may at first glance appear as a return to a more traditional wildstyle-graffiti, but appears on closer consideration rather as a step further away from her early work. The artistic strategy could perhaps best be described as an attempt to capture the energy of traditional graffiti, rather than its formal characteristic, by using the strong colors and dynamic lines from wildstyle graffiti’s letters, its arrows and bars, but abandon the outline and clearly defined areas next to each other for a layering of shapes – and thus creating an perception of transparent and liquid forms.


Website: http://madc.tv/

MadC's 700 Wall, Germany 2010
Chance Street Mural, Chance Street, London, UK, 2013
part of the Chance Street Mural, London, UK 2013
The 500 Wall, Leipzig, Germany, 2013
The 500 Wall, Leipzig, Germany, 2013
"eighteen twenty-eight" mixed media on canvas, 120cmx120cm, 2014
"nine forty-four" mixed media on canvas, 162cmx130cm, 2014
MadC in San Francisco, 2012
"eleven thirty" mixed media on canvas, 180cmx110cm, 2014
"twenty-one fifty-seven" mixed media on canvas, 2014
"fifteen forty" mixed media on canvas, 120cmx120cm, 2014
MadC' 500Wall, Germany 2013

Artwork of MadC, GERMANY for the WFSAP

 “Little Red Riding Hood”

Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas  

“When I thought about the female heroes of my past, I realized that it wasn't real people, but the women I read about in books who influenced me most. I loved stories and spend a lot of time in my imaginary world as a child. The German literature offers a lot of well known female characters, many of them thanks to the Brothers Grimm. Those characters had an influence on girls around the globe. One of the things I’ve learned was to face my fears and go ahead with things anyways, just like Little Red Riding Hood did. Even though the original story wasn't written by the Brothers Grimm, it is their version I grew up with. Therefore I painted a piece to represent those children's stories that often influence you more than you might realise. Little Red Riding Hood stands as a representative for all those fictive female characters.”

 MadC, GERMANY, 2014.

"Little Red Riding Hood" mixed media on canvas, 160cmx100cm, 2014
"Little Red Riding Hood" mixed media on canvas, 2014


Credits: Story

Street Artist — MadC
Curator — Nathalie Rault, WFSAP Project Manager
Rolle — Claudia Walde

Credits: All media
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