August 2012 - March 2014

Open Air Museum in La Pincoya

Museo a Cielo Abierto en La Pincoya

Fight for your rights
Museo a Cielo Abierto en La Pincoya/2014

The Project: The Open Air Museum in La Pincoya is a muralist social intervention project on the streets of the town. The main objective is to portray the history of the town with a deep look of popular historical reality through mural art.

The murals has an important social history in our town and country, as in the years of the civil-military dictatorship, those expressed the most horrible pain, from the disappearances and killings of our people, to murals of collective love. In those years where the consciences of the people were touched by the sentimental colors of works by muralists improvised collective of residents, and those styles of Brigada Ramona Parra, always trying to tie up all  our dreams as a united country.

Our project aims to be an activity of social commitment to the people, reflecting their own stories from the people and for the people. We seek to send a message of equality, dreaming a more equal society for our people, who suffer discrimination and exclusion in education and health, even tought debt up to feed our families, among other problems. The reality of Chile below, from our neighborhoods. The colors in the spaces of the population affect all who pass and see a message that seeks to question the reality and revive unity and social struggle, because Chile is a united country, but now is sleeping.

Video introductorio del proyecto. Realizado por
Mural painted for the women organization "Mujeres Sin Fronteras".
In memory of the detained, disappeared and executed political prisoners during the civic and militar dictatorship of Pinochet. Mural painted in 2001 and restored in 2013.

The murals we have done are related to the historical popular struggles : the common pot , Urban Settlements , Pobladora Woman , Workers , Children , Education , Mapuche People , etc. . Murals that are linked to historical and current social demands. For us, the mural is a tool that seeks social transformation, while tries to beautify and put joy in places where desolation is more patent, to touch the hearts of those who may question the mural, transforming the sorrows and pains of our population  to popular discontent against neoliberal policies.

It is known that La Pincoya shantytown was a place of subversive organization in times of dictatorship , organizing in the area, the failed attack against Pinochet dictator. Therefore, the population then and now yearns for liberation, which make more sense when each of its inhabitants becomes aware of the profound social injustice that affects us mostly.

Today the project has become an innumerable group of friends, muralists and graffiti artists . More and more urban artists in different corners of Latin America and Chile, who want to contribute to the cause , making a mural in the population . This inspires us to break boundaries in all aspects , because the dream is big and makes sense. Some of the artists who have participated so far correspond to artists from various Latin American barrios ( Argentina , Colombia and Peru ) and our Chile, recognizing each other as brothers in Latin America itself subjugated to the machinery of global capitalism , but is seeking his freedom.

The delivery of the fallen: Mural painted by El Decertor, a peruvian muralist, in honor to all those martyrs who have given their lives fighting for freedom.
Summer Camps: Mural painted by Stylo Sucio, a collective tribute to the organization of young people during the famine during the years of Pinochet dictatorship. Young people continue to this days working with the children of our town, to give a space of solidarity for recreation during the summer months.
Children's rights: Thinking in the children of our town. This mural painted by Pecko, Odex, Nass and Sofrenia., Odex, Nass y Sofrenia.
Tribute to Carlos Fariña: Through this Mural, the collective "Con nuestras manos", seeks to recall the systematic state violence during the years of dictatorship in Chile. Carlos Fariña, was a 13-year-old who was killed by the military of the time and his mother died looking for her missing son. The remains were found in 2000.
The "Labor movement in Chile", is a mural that depicts the history of struggle of workers. From the years of the nitrate and massacre in Santa Maria de Iquique School until the current subcontract workers, the exploitation pattern has continued to serve the control of the powerful. It was painted by 12 Brillos Crew.
Political persecution: A mural by Leonardo Olfer(Peruvian muralist) who takes a representanción of a Caravaggio paint, where Jesus Christ is arrested by the Romans. This mural is re interpreted referring to the current repressive laws and state institutions.
In the 40th anniversary of the military coup in Chile and 40 years since the murder of Victor Jara. Popular singer, who devoted his art to the poor. This mural is remembered with much emotion. Her singing will continue in people who still fighting for social change.
Mural honoring  Latin American peoples and brother everywhere in the continent. Painted by 12 Brillos Crew.
Mural of US Interventions in Latin America at its beginning
Mural process
Mural process
Mural of the US interventions in Latin America at its end. Painted by more that 20 people from 14 muralist collectives and graffiti guys.
Mural for The Education Right: Painted by a colombian graffiti artist (Seta). Emphasizing that it is not possible to remove the dreams of children and youth.
Mural for The Education Right by Seta
Juana Calfunao, Mapuche fighting leader in the territories usurped by the state of Chile and foreign settlers.
Marichiweu 10 times overcome: Olfer Mural done by Leonardo in 2013, year of worst repression times against Mapuche communities. The mural shouts to the world the release of Mapuche political prisoners and the repeal of the anti-terrorist law created during dictatorship times.
Mujer pobladora: Mural realizado por Urano y Larry, que representan el amor cariñoso de la mujer a sus hijos y vecinos.
Mural realizado en conmemoración al Día Internacional de la Mujer. Realizado por Ara xilos con el apoyo de sus compañeras.
Honoring the memory of Pablo Neruda, poet and founder of our town La Pincoya. This mural was made by Henruz with the support of our family friends Fran y Fabi.
Mural created by our colombian friend and street artist Bastardilla en 2013. This mural is related to our friends who are keys that try to open doors.
Mola mural in process.
Mola mural in process.
Proceso Mural Mola.
Mural using Mola syle from the colombian indigena culture  called Cunas. It was developed by the group of graffiti/mural 2013.
Equipo de trabajo del Mural estilo Mola, en el pasaje Los Limones. Junto a los vecinos.
Video realizado por Eclesiastika y Sofrenia con el material del taller de graffiti/mural 2013.
Mural por una educación sin lucro, laica, gratuita y de calidad. Realizado por COAS  que refleja simbólicamente como hoy millones de estudiantes estudian sin poder ser libres, endeudados por más de 20 años y pagando créditos usureros.
Video del proceso del mural por la educación.
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Familia — Museo Pincoyano
Muralistas — Reforma Urbana (Argentina), El Decertor (Perú), Bastardilla (Colombia), Olfer Leonardo (Perú), Seta Fuerte (Colombia), 12 Brillos Crew, Injusticia, Urano, Boa, Paula, Mofera, Clau, Fran Ara, Stylo Sucio, Con Nuestras Manos, Denst, Cronos, Plek, Fabi, Fran Nuestra, Sol Reciclando Muros, Amancay Muralista, Carla Vilches, Tikay, FullColor, Luz Marina, Sofrenia, Ventarrón, Aner, Anis Sol, Enzo, Amaranta, Luciana Muñoz, Sam, Gery, Degra, Defos, Pecko, Odex, NASS,  Nestha, Luz Marina, Re100, Henruz, Schaski, Vera, Milene, Muralistas Pablo Vergara, Yono, Bigoth, Ecos, Causa, Jae, True, Mimo, Rouse, Femme y Coas
Videos — Eclesiastika, Francisca Massone, Sofrenia, David Chino Sanchez, Pp
Traducción Ingles — Samantha Williams
Traducción Frances — Clement B360T
Traducción Portugués — Joy Izauri
Talleristas — Sofrenia, Plek, Boa y Degra.

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