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Creation of mural in Lodz
Nunca (Francisco Rodrigues de Silva), born in 1983 in Sao Paulo
Nunca started his story with street art when he was 12 years old.
He joined a gang of „Pichação” that was tagging the Itaquera district in Sao Paulo. 
Then he adopted his pseudonym (nunca= never in Portuguese). A few years later he became interested in graffiti.
After he moved out to the different part of the city he started to create colourful paintings connected to the local aesthetic and culture. Over the years he developed his own style which is tied to the ancient natives who lived in actual Brazil. 
The biggest breakthrough in his career was an invitation to take part in an exhibition of the Tate Modern Gallery (London).
Nunca by his works is creating a connection with present and the past and also touches on issues of modern Brazil (e.g. Amazonian forests logging or uncontrolled export of natural resources).
Nunca refers his graffiti  to a political acts to bring people’s attention
His works are very characteristic he is always using sketches as the base for his works, his murals are very colourful and with hatching lines that cover all the work. Nunca  is also making  sculptures and canvas .
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Director — Teresa Latuszewska Syrda
Photos — Marek Szymański
Office manager — Jadzia Kakowiecka
Gallery — Justyna Bienias

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