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Creation of mural in Lodz
Eduardo Kobra (1976) was born in Sao Paulo (Brasil). 
When he was 12 he started tagging streets, of course he was arrested several times for vandalizing property (after one of his arrests judge sentenced him to paint a mural at police station). 10 years later he created his first large scale wall (near the Iburapuera Park).
His technique is characterised by combining photorealism with multicolour, and geometric figures that give  image an illusion of kaleidoscope. 
Because of his unique and specific technique, he gained thousands of fans all around the world. 
Apart from images of „ordinary people”, in his works he often depicts large format images of prominent people from the world of politics, culture, art and architecture from the cities he visited and elements connected to the history of a given place.
Before the work, Eduardo tries to gain as much information as possible about the place in which the painting will be created in order to connect his picture with the history.
In some of his projects Eduardo uses dark, dim colours to give his projects a deeper expression and to arouse a nostalgic feeling in the audience that is connected to a given person or place.
Eduardo puts colourful figures (squares, triangles, rectangles) in a given pattern onto black and white sketches that gives an image an illusion of being 3D. The artist draws an attention with unique, colourful and full of life images.
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Director  — Teresa Latuszewska Syrda
Photos — Marek Szymanski
Office manager — Jadzia Krakowiecka
Gallery  — Justyna Bienias

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