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Granada Pinta Bien

WALLS 2007/2014

Born in Córdoba, Cheko is a Spanish graffiti artist. He focuses on human circumstances, emotions, and movements.

He started as a street artist at the age of 16, and ever since, he has created graphic illustrations related to freedom, poverty, transformation, and renovation. He watches people and then portrays his own version of them; a great example of this is his “Pobre Artista” (Poor Artist) series of oil paintings, in which he portrayed women and men passing by on the streets, lost in their own thoughts.

Currently based Granada, Cheko’s paintings are characterized by great use of colour and extraordinary sense of depth. His video “Una Mañana” (One Morning) illustrates his process in achieving such three-dimensionality using heavy shadows on a white surface.

He generally works using a grand variety of sprays, oil paintings and acrylics. He has also experienced the screen painting technique. His art is figurative, and his graffiti style is easily distinguishable in his use of strong black strokes and calligraphy. Occasionally, he incorporates surreal elements into his designs, which adds to his work amazing originality and essence.

Cheko and his street-art friends used to create series of paintings on the walls of the Albayzín neighborhood in Granada, Spain. However, this tradition has become less frequent given that local government is against it.

Aire, 2004
Virgen, 2008
Virgen detalle, 2008
Ain't got no, 2010
Beloved house, 2011
En casa, 2012
El sofá, 2012
Eva, 2012
WinterJazz,  2014

In the illustrations of Cheko, the same themes are repeated like in graffiti. In the neighborhood of Albaicin wecan find these paste up, where the influence of urban culture is always present

Paste up, 2014
Paste up, 2014

In his works is common to find references to the social context of the city of Granada. The claims of social groups and the struggle to maintain rights is a recurring theme in his works.

Mujer bonita,  2011
Ley mordaza, 2014
Una mañana, 2012
Ariana, 2014
Ariana, 2014
El jazmín, 2014
El jazmín detalle, 2014
Ver, sentir y soñar, 2014
Ver, sentir y soñar detalle, 2014
Nube gris, 2014
Nube gris detalle, 2014
Nube gris detalle, 2014

Cheko is familiar with making GIF art. He created a “making of” GIF of one painting, and animated a couple of his other works, as well. But the boy in his latest Tumblr post follows the intimate-human-moments theme in his work, and uses the GIF medium perfectly. The subtlety of the birds encircling his head ad nauseum is mesmerizing—the exact effect GIFs are famous for. Here we can see a video process of a graffiti gif.

Graffiti Gif, 2014
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