Boulevard Tunnel: MOMO

Living Walls: The City Speaks

In April 2014, New Orleans artist MOMO completed the massive Boulevard Tunnel in Historic Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, Georgia.
Living Walls/ 2014

The Boulevard Tunnel sits in a literal no man's land - between the district lines of Old Fourth Ward, Cabbagetown, and Grant Park under the rails. The noise and darkness discouraged people from using the tunnel as a natural thoroughfare between three of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. The Boulevard Tunnel Initiative was born out of this discouragement - and we jumped at BTI's invitation to paint it.

The production logistics were baffling. The tunnel wavers from eighteen feet high to four inches high. The sidewalk narrows from seven feet wide to barely four feet. Never mind the sheer length of it - four hundred and fifty feet on both sides, plus the interior staircases and wall, and the extra two hundred and fifty feet on the south end. There was no room for a lift, barely enough room for scaffolding.

MOMO, from New Orleans, more than met this challenge. His work, a dazzling array of vibrant colors, finely detailed lines and patterns were a perfect fit for this project. 

This exhibit begins with the blank wall, and follows the gradual build of the project to the final frame - a video which spans the entire project.

MOMO untangles his paint sprayer in the tunnel.
Emily Fisher assembles MOMO's scaffolding in the tunnel.
MOMO, Edward Smith and Emily Fisher assemble scaffolding in the tunnel.
MOMO sprays to blend color in the tunnel.
MOMO blends colors in the tunnel.
MOMO examines progress in the tunnel.
MOMO cleans the paint sprayer on the west side of the tunnel.
East side of the tunnel in progress. 
Finished southern most end of the tunnel.
Detail of southern most end of the tunnel. 
The tree on the east side of the tunnel. 
The east side of the tunnel.
A view from the Dekalb Avenue overpass of the tunnel.
A view from the sidewalk. 
A view from the top of the tunnel, with views of Dekalb Avenue and the freight rails above it. 
A view of the tunnel from Dekalb Avenue.
The video narrative of the Boulevard Tunnel project.
Credits: Story

Producer — Jasmine Amussen, Communications Director
Photographer — Joshua Gwyn, Photographer/Videographer
Videographer/Editor — Justin Newton, Videographer/Editor
Videographer — Brandon English, Photographer/Videographer
Videographer — Wil Hughes, Photographer/Videographer
Assistant — Brittni Collins, Executive Assistant
Assistant — Adesuwa Ogiamien, Production
Assistant — Edward Smith, Production

Credits: All media
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