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Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

Graffiti Zone / Artime Joe, Madvictor_XEVA, Madvictor_SEMI, Jay Flow, JINSBH, Sixcoin
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art / July 7 2014 - October 5 2014

Artime Joe

While carrying on graffiti for full thirteen years since 2001, I have got sympathy and pride for the culture I belong engraved deeply in my heart. Some people around me have left their own culture for an ordinary life because of a worry in difficult circumstances, their oncoming years or the future, and others have transferred to the area which would solve financial problems. Someone has talked about graffiti as if it were a culture of the moment when young, and another has claimed to head for a more valuable or public culture. As the stance being still here, however, I understand their changes sometimes and feel an ambiguous emotion like betrayal other times. 

From this, I simply made up a piece of writing to represent myself with its feelings one day. This was just written as ‘The Graffiti Writer’, which is a common description with the meaning of ‘one who does graffiti’ used usually by those who did graffiti once in America and Europe as its root. However, this is the word which urges self-respect to the title from my colleagues who have conducted graffiti in this country for a long time, as well as which shouts at me. 

This large scale of graffiti exhibition is not held in Korea until full thirteen years have passed. Still what I want to say is graffiti charm, and the pride and confidence of a culture which I have done. While Banksy in Britain depicts humorous expression and resistance, and a cry for freedom in his every work, what I want in Korea of a barren land in terms of graffiti seems to be an understanding of expressive and cultural diversity. Graffiti is my only and most favorite culture, and being a graffiti writer is the reason of my happiness all the time.


“The world of my works pursues various facets of human beings.” 

People’s looks revealing joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure do not all speak their inner world. In many cases, they pack themselves beautifully, cover themselves cowardly, or do not tell the truth which need to be told. However, they are concerned about whether this is their genuine self or for the sake of display. Sometimes, they criticize or praise such people. This kind of persons or individuals enter into society to make a group and the world. In this way, they become a large group to be a new power, which could affect positive or negative impacts on society (the world). 

This double ambivalence or various facets move the world (or this city) we live in to be hard, tired, or false. The media which have lost profundity report only superficial aspects of people or groups, and so does the press. The modern society accustomed to being exhibited produces all type of new diseases like plastic surgery addiction, which constitutes a social problem. In other words, we are in the center of such social problems, the city, and such false social life (urban life) of individuals has made a society of the sick and destroyed structure where we live at last. Rather, it turns to a society, a city which faithful words and those who live a life of virtue are made a fool.

This time, I will work on ‘Neighbourhood’, exploring people around me, describe their looks figuratively. My closest neighbourhood represents me or this era as a member of society. 

Therefore, this would be an opportunity to look around people, realizing their importance, I hope.


As a graffiti writer and character designer, Madvictor which means “wildly conquer” does not seek for dark image but for bright and friendly characters and wild styles of graffiti.

The goal of graffiti is not to become grave and confusing scribbles, but bright and sharable images and stories. Various attempts would be made to deliver intimacy to the public through characters using graffiti.

Jay Flow

I have been fond of scribbles from a child and had a very strong interest in special things more than in beautiful ones. An evolutionary form of scribbles aims for recording moments of memory as graffiti.

Stimulated and influenced not only by graffiti but also a wide variety of Street Art and media, my work is graffiti not of ‘completion’ but of ‘process’.

This exhibition work will present many different letter styles based on evolved characters.


It appears to be the most important role in life. Respect!


All have started under the impulse of graffiti’s splendor. At first, I started from copying hip-hop images like most cases. As years passed by, I wanted to draw our own culture, reaching the goblin image to which I have attached since early childhood. A goblin of a familiar and naïve image with a mischievous look which likes dancing and music has been drawn in between streets, combined with the original imagination of hip hop. Initiated with a cute and simple style, this shows Sixcoin’s own goblin, gradually developing into complicated and detailed patterns, bright and strong colors.

Credits: Story

Curator in Charge — Choi Kiyoung
Exhibition in Charge — Park Uchan(Chief Curator)
Designer — Jang Hyojin
Educator — Cho Hyejung, Son Hyejoo
Curatorial Supports — Kim Jihee, Jeon Jiyoung, Hwang Rockjoo, Lee Jinsil
Education Instructor — An Yoonhee, Lee Younji, Jang Jeeyoung, Jung Jihye
Intern — Han Chungwon
Photograph — Park Junsik
Image Production — Ahn Daegeun (Cartel Creative Inc.)
Translation — Rosa Park
Exhibition Space Construction — Hana Total Interior
Shipping and Installation — Artplus
P.R. Signs — Rover
Video Equipment — Park Keun Soo
Exhibition Organized by — Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Exhibition Principal Boiler by — Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Supported by — Korea Mecenat Association, Arts Council Korea, New Era Cap-Korea
Sponsored by — Cartel Creative Inc., STIGMA, IMMUNIZE
Editor — Hyo-Joon Choi, Director of Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Publisher — Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

Credits: All media
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