Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel

Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel

“A story of five years of dedication and hard work that keeps growing today. A proud community with a unique example of reactivation in Chile. Hope in a better future.”


Each word or sentence adults, and specially parents, transmit to their children greatly defines their personality, how they see life in their adulthood, and will define them as members of a new society.


A most trascendental and painfull episode in Chile´s history, the militar coup in 1973, its origins, main actors, and communication forms used afterward, represented in a simple and attractive form to the observer.

“Padre Hurtado”

As the first religious mural of the Museum, it was happily embraced by the residents of the building.  Padre Hurtado, known and admired by most Chileans, represents the Catholic Church during the ´60, involved with the most needed, working for and with them.


An invitation to calm, to take a break, breath and meditate.  This is the gift two young and promising muralists gave to the Museum.  This mural has a great feminine touch to it, which added to the incorporation of mosaic details gives an almost magical aura to the mural.


As kids or even as adults, sometimes we walk without really knowing the load we carry.  A roof over our heads, education, a job, are main pillars of our society, and therefore become basic needs in our lives.


“Thank you for granted favor”, the text crowning this mural, represents gratitude as well as great acknowledgement towards those supernatural and heavenly creatures present in latinamerican culture, who see their departed ones and saints as support and communication channels when seeking for an answer to their prayers.


The serious and suspicious looks of the central characters in this mural reflect with deep humanity concern and hope at the same time towards the message written in front of their eyes; modest people that understand those words can lead their people to a new beginning.


The neverending duality of human race, the permanent fight beetween two internal sides that struggle to prevail and end up forming one whole being in each person, earthly on one side, basic on its needs and passions, and spiritual on the other, the trascendent side which makes us better beings.


A hyper-realistic way of representing an activity which is so typical of every city in the world, where fruits and vegetables are purchased and sold, with a typical character on the main spot offering a bag of products.  One of the best representations of what living in Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel is.


Representing Latinoamerica with all its diversity is a great challenge.  Taking its geography and main icons and melting them into one image may seem a simple task, but actually doing it with style and real representativity came true in this mural.


One of the most representative native people of Chile, the “Mapuches”, stand out in the center of this mural, personified in the “Machi”, healer and preastess, surrounded by other Chilean mystic figures.  The “Onas”, “Aimaras”, and the Easter Island Moais are represented, which draw attention to our origins and beliefs.

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