2010 - 2014

Chinese Contemporary Art with Today Art Museum 

Today Art Museum

This exhibition introduces Chinese Contemporary Art through works from the collection of Today Art Museum.

Still life — Liu Ye  (2003) 

Oil Painting

Still Life — Liu Ye  (2003) 
Free and Leisure  — Yue Minjun(2003)
Myth — Yin Zhaoyang (2005)
Untitled — Ji Dachun(2005)
Landscape-35 — Shang Yang(2005)
Mirror Garden Series — Zhan Wang(2005)
Sketching Dog — Yang Shaobin(2006)
Status No.2 — Tan Ping(2007)
Globules and Diamonds #7 (under purple light)  — Yang Qian(2007)
2004 - 2006 —— Fang Lijun
Hazy  — Jiang Dahai(2010)
Something —— Fu Yuyang

Ink & Wash

Occupied — Liu Qinghe


A Small Market Every Three Days, A Big Market Every Five Days — Li Fan(2002)


Harmony Between Human and Nature 6 — Cang Xin(2003)
Exchange series 2 — Cang Xin(1999)
Rising One Meter for the Nameless Mountain — 苍鑫(1995)
Crossing series-The South of Taiwan — Ye Jintian(2006)
Autumn in the Forbidden City-West Winding Corridor of Taihe Palace —Ye Jintian(2005)
Coal Mine in Dragon Village, Xu Zhou — Hong Lei(2003)
The Fragment in Itself — Suchan Kinoshita(2006)
Images of Qi-Blood Series — Wang Jinsong(2006)
Groups of Parents — Wang Jinsong (2006)
Globules and Diamonds#7 (under purple light) — Yang Qian(2007)
Grand Banquet — Lv Shun(2009)
Why Should I Love You? — Chi Peng(2010)
Game — Chen Wenling 
Jorch !Let′s go! — Jorg Immendorff 
Credits: Story

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Credits: All media
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