Mar 20, 2009 - Apr 9, 2009

The Archaeological Discovery in A.D. 3009

Today Art Museum

Yue Minjun
Today Art Museum

“Jitu” is the land of the Neo-Asian people, and there Dog-Spring culture lived and thrived. It used to be the capital of the 11 most splendid regimes such as Bow, Bean and Aigret in the Neo-Asian History. The rich and profound cultural relics won Jitu the reputation of “The Pearl Among Capitals”, “The Treasure Land Of The Dog-Spring Culture”. In this comprehensive historical relics exhibition, the section of “Neo-Asian Contemporary Life Display” is staged at the central exhibition area the size of 400㎡. The Mock excavated scene displays 50 selected cultural relics, vividly depicting the development of Neo-Asia’s material and spiritual civilization with distinct local color. The exhibition has attracted numerous visitors from home and abroad. It has become an important window of promoting the Dog-Spring Culture as well as international culture exchange. In the 31st centry, This temple of the essence of Jitu Culture will surely make greater contribution to the progress of material and culture civilization.


About the Sculptures:

We have recovered the scenes of daily life of the Neo-Asian according to the unearthed cultural relics. For the viewer, it is easy to imagine how they talked about the politics of their times.

Oil on Canvas

300cm x 400cm

The painting depicts the lifestyle of the Neo-Asian 1,000 years ago. The man (in the middle) points his finger up towards the sky, telling people to look upward for the future of  the Neo-Asian. The product with “0000” was the fishing tool, and the creature in huge size at the back is the domestic pet among Neo-Asian families.

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