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Meet the company of THE SHAKESPEARE TRILOGY at Donmar King's Cross, and learn more about the process of bringing the productions to the stage. 

In this exclusive 360 video, the company of the Shakespeare Trilogy rehearse a scene from THE TEMPEST, watched by director Phyllida Lloyd, Movement Director Ann Yee and Assistant Director Ola Ince. Scroll on to learn more about the rehearsal process.

Jade Anouka plays Mark Antony (JULIUS CAESAR), Hotspur (HENRY IV) and Ariel (THE TEMPEST)

Sheila Atim plays Lucius (JULIUS CAESAR), Gadshill/Lady Percy (HENRY IV), and Ferdinand (THE TEMPEST).

Jackie Clune plays Julius Caesar (JULIUS CAESAR), Westmoreland/Glendower (HENRY IV), and Stefano (THE TEMPEST).

Shiloh Coke plays Cinna the Poet (JULIUS CAESAR), Mortimer (HENRY IV), and Sebastian (THE TEMPEST).

Karen Dunbar plays Casca (JULIUS CAESAR), Vernon/Bardolph (HENRY IV), and Trinculo (THE TEMPEST).

Leah Harvey plays Soothsayer (JULIUS CAESAR), Poins/Douglas (HENRY IV), and Miranda (THE TEMPEST).

Zainab Hasan plays Calpurnia (JULIUS CAESAR), Hostess/Messenger (HENRY IV), and Gonzalo (THE TEMPEST).

Jennifer Joseph plays Trebonius (JULIUS CAESAR), Sir Walter Blunt (HENRY IV), and Officer (THE TEMPEST).

Martina Laird plays Cassius (JULIUS CAESAR), Worcester/Peto (HENRY IV) and Alonso (THE TEMPEST).

Sophie Stanton plays Falstaff (HENRY IV) and Caliban (THE TEMPEST).

Carolina Valdes plays Dog/Cinna (JULIUS CAESAR), Northumberland (HENRY IV), and Antonio (THE TEMPEST).

Spotlight on Harriet Walter
Leading the company of THE SHAKESPEARE TRILOGY is Dame Harriet Walter, one of the leading Shakespearean actors in the UK. 

Harriet Walter has been with the Shakespeare project since its beginning in 2012, playing lead roles in all three productions and leading a company of 13 actors.

In JULIUS CAESAR, she plays Brutus, an unlikely revolutionary against the tyranny of Caesar.

In HENRY IV, Harriet Walter plays King Henry, worn down by the cares of office and the wayward behaivour of his son.

In The Tempest, she plays Prospero, the former Duke of Milan with magic at his command, seeking revenge on old adversaries.

Each actor within the Shakespeare Trilogy plays a character within the prison setting as well as their Shakespearean characters. Harriet Walter based her character on the experiences of Judy Clark, a real life prisoner in the USA.

During rehearsals for the Shakespeare Trilogy, the actors work to each play to life through movement, music, and an expert understanding of Shakespeare's language. Led by director Phyllida Lloyd, with a team including Movement Director Ann Yee, Voice Coach Barbara Houseman, and Fight Director Kate Waters, the rehearsal process for each play gives the company several weeks to get to grips with their characters and the worlds that Shakespeare has created.

Movement Director Ann Yee works closely with the actors throughout the process, to not only teach them complex movement sequences, but also to give each character a distinct physicality.

Original music is central to the Shakespeare Trilogy. For The Tempest, music has been written by Joan Armatrading, and is performed live by the company using a huge range of instruments.

Crucial to the rehearsal process is a detailed approach to Shakespeare's text. Here, the company explain their attitude to Shakespeare's langauge.

Moving into the theatre
As the first performances approach, the cast and creative team move to the brand new theatre in King's Cross for technical and dress rehearsals in the space itself. 

Take another look at the extract from THE TEMPEST, and see how all the elements of the rehearsal process have come together.

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Photography by Helen Maybanks.

Films by TeaFilms.

360 Film by Happy Finish.

Exhibit created by Donmar Warehouse, Autumn 2016.

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