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From byproduct to fashion at Atlantic Leather

From byproduct to fashion at Atlantic Leather
The fish leather produced at Atlantic Leather is environmentally friendly in two different ways: it is a by-product of the fishing industry, utilising raw material that would not otherwise be used; and the production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.
Atlantic Leather x UNEINS
UNEINS Capsule Collection made in collaboration with Atlantic Leather.

Look from UNEINS Capsule Collection using fish leather from Atlantic Leather. Image credits: Anja Koppitsch

Atlantic Leather x MÆYA
Handbag by MÆYA made from fish leather.
Atlantic Leather x Valentina Tinganelli 
Valetina Tinganelli finds her inspiration in the Icelandic nature and Italian craftmanship. Today, she tries to intergrade this theme into all her designs, by connecting each piece of design to Iceland whilst having the item handcrafted in Italy.
Atlantic Leather x Olga Noronha
Olga Noronha is a young jewelry designer who Atlantic Leather sponsored last year with a few pieces of fish leather. Her pieces are a coherent mix of unconventional charm, exquisite and boundary-pushing, a combination which makes it impossible not to distinguish her individuality among other jewelry desingers.
Atlantic Leather x Bav Tailor 
Bav Tailor describes her brand as  a collective fusion of sharp tailoring, geometrical forms and the finest certified natural fabrics that represent true hallmarks of craftsmanship and sustainability. 
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