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Seoul Fashion Week :Global Fashion Festival 
Seoul Fashion Week has been a global fashion event spreading Korean Fashion’s original creativity to the world. F/W has been processed on every march twice in a year and S/S Collection on February in DDP. DDP as the world largest atypical construction designed by Zaha Hadid, legend architect, has been very famous and celebrated as the landmark representing Seoul. Seoul Fashion Week in which about 100 thousand people have visited during fashion week period including 43 thousand people (Based on 2017 S/S), foreign buyers and presses, has gotten a lot of focuses as the world top 5 fashion week with New York, Milan, Paris, and London. At the same time, online live fashion show and drone broadcasting method and other future IT fashion have leaded new paradigm. 
2000 : The Beginning 
With new millennium in 2000, 1st Seoul Collection has been begun. Seoul Fashion Week as a global fashion week in domestic collection and bridge connecting the next generation from pre-existing condition has been evolved by notifying worldwide “K-Fashion” syndrome. 


2017 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

Establishment of Trade show
(Generation next Seoul'GNS')

Start live online broadcasting

HERA selected as a Title Sponsor

Appointed as Chief Director Kuho Jung

Organized by Seoul Design Foundation at DDP

Held in the War Memorial of Korea

Establishment of Generation Next

2001.3 & 2001.10
Regularization Seoul Collection

The First Seoul Collection

2014 :The New Era
In 2014, Seoul Fashion Week has been moved its heartland to DDP and opened new generation. New York Fashion Week has been launched in every season. As Bryant Park become symbol of New York’s fashion, DDP has been become epic center vibrating “Korean Culture” influencing on Asia and “K-Fashion” Syndrome. Seoul Fashion Week as trend maker powerfully impacting on Asia trend has been evaluated as younger, fresher, more innovative, and future-oriented than any cities. 

Dynamic Collaboration

Seoul Fashion Week has played important role as a fashion incubator debuting newly and talented designers to world performance stage and simultaneously spreading collaboration with various enterprises.

Especially, collaboration fashion show with those enterprises beyond various areas has been evaluated that outstanding synergy advertisement could be effective.

“Seoul Fashion Week will become one of the world’s top 5 collections, I am proud of Korea, a fashion mecca" - Simon Collins, Former Dean of Parsons school of Design

Executive Director of Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week has been leaded by Director, Jung, Ku Ho since 2015. He has played an active part as a representative creative director of fashion enterprises in Korea since successful launching of fashion label.

Based on this plentiful experience, he has launched various modification and cooperation, such as processing title sponsor policy with Hera, global beauty brand.

"Korea's Fashion history is short but I think korea street fashion is the world best. This is the reason that we evaluate korea fashion have limitless possibilities"- Jung Kuho, Executive Director of Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul's 10 Soul
Seoul Fashion Week has extraordinarily concentrated on designer incubator introducing domestic designer to global stage. The typical project is "Seoul’s 10Soul". 

10 Soul

Designer of Seoul's 10 Soul project has selected designers who are globally talented on both creativity and commercial viability according to election from foreign buyers.

They are supported through diverse plans, such as fashion show, pop-up store and exhibition connecting with foreign famous edition shop and department store. 10Soul designers have been expected to raise K-Fashion’s statue at world fashion’s mecca, such as Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Hong Kong.


Blindness led by duo designers Shin, Kyu Yong and Park, Ji Sun has been launched on Jan. 2013. It has been settled as a male brand when Shin, Kyu Yong joins since 2015.

Shin, Kyu Yong majoring in Fashion and Park, Ji Sun studying furniture design have combined contemporary art and youth culture. Elegance of only Blindness like piling up firm structures and flowing water has expanded sights about male clothing.


Designer Jo, Eun Hye possesses unique background. She graduated from Music University and studied fashion from Académie Internationale Coupe de Paris(AICP) in Paris with SADI due to attraction of fashion design like her destiny.

After she came back to Seoul, she performing her talent on diverse areas, such as café and interior launched first her own label ‘Bourie’ on Jan. 2014. Clothing of ‘Bourie’ showing sensitive tailoring through working method of atelie has expressed unique kitsch emotion as a conflicting detail existing on firm structure.


Designer Park, Hwan Sung of ‘D-Antidote’ that many K-POP stars have liked has firstly become Korean star designer from China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Despite of male clothing brand, gender fluid intersecting female and male clothing has been shown. At the same time, it has sent future-oriented fashion message unifying luxury, street fashion and pragmatism like ‘London Meets Up Seoul’.


Logo of ‘D.Gnak’ is shape reflected English name of designer Kang, Dong Jun on mirror. Kang, Dong Jun studying on Parsons, New York has desired to stand on intersecting point between minority and majority as a designer.

He has combined loose silhouette if Korean Traditional Clothing and elaborate tailoring of Western male clothing and created D.Gnak’s contemporary avant-garde. Also, he has suggested new vision of male clothing with unique achromatic color, innovative silhouette, and twisted details.


‘Moohong’ is an ideological project brand rather than design labels. After launched by designer Kim, Moo hong in 2013, he has demonstrated the second new fashion code through combination and opposition of antithetic fashion code of minority and majority.

Moohong collection’s creative fashion ideology, through Paris (L’Eclaireur), Milano (Antonioli), and LA (H.Lorenzo), has been recognized.


Slogan of ‘MÜNN’ which designer Han, Hyun Min launched in 2012 is (defamiliarization). By choosing combination of pattern that is already familiar, detail, order and method of tailoring, silhouette, new method from the material, the designer has created strange and fresh look.

Unlimited passion and spirit of his exploration of Han, Hyun Min directly pressing camera shutter for look book have opened new genre of contemporary luxury.


Designer, Jung Mi Sun of ‘Nohke’ is like a female DA VINCI deeply tasting proportion of female body. She has ultimately pursued consistent elegance even though time has been passing and expressed unexpected equilibrium beauty among outrage asymmetry and twist based on enough understanding about ratio and structure of the body.

Tenacity, flexibility, minimalism, and emotion of couture, charisma, and elegance have been coexisted in ‘Nohke’ collection.


‘Pushbutton’ as a unique and wit design since launching in 2003, has been come up with star brand taking care of many fandoms. ‘PushButton’ has attracted with goofiness and gaiety. Due to its well-established design, it has been very celebrated from young fashion lovers.

Designer, Park, Seung Gun has also been an influencer of fashion and culture possessing funky attraction. ‘PushButton’ obtaining a lot of loves from foreign celebrities, such as Paris Hilton and Liana has awaked fashion joy with five senses.


‘Resurrection’ launched by designer, Lee, Ju Young in 2004 has created category of another male clothing as modern rock’n’roll and ensemble of Gothic.

‘Resurrection’ getting passionate support from indie bands of Korea and rock’n’roll stars could be defined as a luxury male clothing of minority emotion. With unique dark charisma, it has expanded lover bands to domestic and international.


‘Rocket X Lunch’ was launched due to duo designers, Woo, Jinwon and Kim, Eunhye in 2010. Editing simple design humorously and wittily has been attracted.

As seasons go by, ‘Rocket X Lunch’ being full of life with designer’s identity has become portrait and future of young fashion generation desiring to be trend maker rather than becoming a copycat of trend.

Official logo of Seoul Fashion Week

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