Founded in 2010, the Municipal Secretary for Conservancy and Public Services is responsible for the maintenance of urban infrastructure of the city, including its squares, monuments, parks and for the provision of services as street cleaning and lighting. Here you can find registers our work.

Located at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Curumim has been the subject of some depredations since its donation to the city in 1979. In 2010, the Municipal Secretary of Conservation and Public Services restored with Pedro Correa de Araujo, author of the work, the left hand of the Indian and the arch of the monument. They also transfer it farther away from passersby site. In the video, the Conservation Team follows the restoration process from the shed and manufacture of new pieces in bronze until their resettlement.

Day by day
With a total of 1200 monuments in the city of Rio de Janeiro, a group of workers go to the street every day to clean these works of art.

Besides bronze statues, cleaning the natural monuments of Rio is also a very important part of the maintenance goal.

Some monuments need constant repainting as the Millôr Bench on the Arpoador Beach.

One of major concerns in maintenance in Rio is the pichação. This graffiti style consists of tagging names in a distinctive, cryptic style, mainly on walls and vacant buildings but sometimes also on monuments and historical places.

Conservação Rio regularly erases these graffitis with special removers.

The Conservação Rio team found out that the baton was missing in the Carlos Gomes Monument. After that, workers were sent to do the replacement of the missing part.

Special Removals
From time to time, the city faces acts of vandalism against its monuments. The monuments of Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Noel Rosa, for example, are among the monuments which underwent most restorations. When this happens, it is necessary that the men of Conservação Rio remove the monument to a special warehouse where it is possible to fully renovate the work of art.

In another example, the Secretary of Conservation noticed cracks and fissures in the column supporting the allegory of the "Victory", part of the monument to the Heroes of Laguna and Dourados, in Urca. To prevent accidents, a huge operation was prepared for the removal of the work of art weighing more than 5 tons.

The glasses from the statue of Renato Russo, in Governor's Island, were replaced by its sculptor, Ique, after an act of vandalism.

Vandals damaged the supporting structure of Chacrinha’s monument. To avoid the risk of falling, the Secretary team removed the statue in order to repair and strengthen its base.

Valuing Monuments Action
A great challenge of Conservação Rio is to preserve the history of the city through its monuments. For this, we have developed many educational activities including the "Valuing Heritage". Its main goal is to make improvements in the vicinity of monuments and draw the attention of the surrounding goers so as they preserve and care for them.
Lapa Arch Restoration
Listed as a national historic site, the Arcos da Lapa are painted by Conservação Rio with monitoring of Iphan, a Institute of historic and artistic heritage. About 20 employees work on the recovery of parts of mortar that were loose, apply lime and paint, carefully working on one of the most iconic monuments in Rio.

The panoramic bench inspired by the work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí at the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon was donated to the City Hall. It was made by students of the Course of Architecture and Urbanism at the Santa Ursula University under the coordination of artist Moema Branquinho.

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