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'Home' covers concepts from the ‘residential space’ to the ‘nation.’ In Korea, there are many issues that the divided country has to bear, such as, the weight of different ideologies and the conflicted situation of combat planes and soldiers naturally appearing in the daily life. The work in this exhibition presents different aspects of the current state of Korea by showing pieces of daily life as well as social issues generated from the society that are presented after Korea’s rapid economic growth. It reflects the collective value system that the society forces on to individuals. The title of the show portrays the irony of the traditional versus the contemporary life. For example, 'Kumsukangsan' is how we called our nation, which means the land of beautiful scenery as if it is embroidered on a precious silk. It contrasts with imageries of the standardized apartment complex which took over the majority of the housing model in modern Korea and deserted redevelopment areas. The ‘Home’ is placed in front of audiences through the eyes of Korean contemporary artists.

Divided Society
"Generally speaking, my work is about a divided society. What kind of lifestyle do people living in a divided society share? In my work, I try to collect such things and present them for others to see. A divided social system can be considered the ideology that has dominated Korean society for the past 60 years. This so-called divided system is working intently but to me, it seems to be operating incorrectly. In my mind, keeping that the false operation might actually reveal the ongoing division, perhaps twisting it or depicting it as a black comedy, I question ‘Isn’t this all just an image of you, someone who lives in a divided society?" >> NOH Suntag’s interview from Korean Artist Project
Oh Hein kuhn has taken pictures of Ajumma(middle-aged women), Ajussi(middle-aged men), girl students and soldiers. His work has been portraying the anxiety in their faces. The subjects of Oh Hein kuhn can be categorized as 'Middlemen' and is a sign which testifies to anxiety of Korean society, which is becoming more and more uncertain every single day. As a one of the middlemen, he has consistently captured such symptom.
Beautiful and Sad Red
"When I lived in the UK, foreigners I met would always ask me whether I was from the south or the north, and their gaze always saw me as a citizen of a divided nation. Scarred memories of painful division. In college I had toured the frontiers, and I served in the frontline where I witnessed the landscapes, especially through night vision goggles were beautiful, frightening, and sad. I think that red is a color that is extremely beautiful but also evokes sad memories, so I use red." >> Lee Seahyun’s interview from Korean Artist Project
HONG Soun's 'Sidescape' painting is a landscape which is composed of excerpts from the news footage in mass media; it is a cropped, fragmented, deficient landscape. The original photo of an image is often related to an important political event, controversial incident, war and a disaster. However, the event itself is not important at all. The journalistic trait is de-constructed as the landscape through the process of image fragmentation; it is a process which fetches out the potential of the image hidden in the events.
The house
"We need to think where we are living, what is happening, and what it means to us." >> Kang Hong Goo’s interview from Korean Artist Project
SAIESEO: Between
The work, SAIESO: between two Koreas and Japan represents the figure that Koreans in Japan live ordinarily. It’s true that Sai(the boundary) exists there: between a generation and a generation and between the Korean Peninsula and the archipelago of Japan. Sai(the boundary) exists in all things such as from the clothes which are wearing, the space of so-called room, the furniture and household stuffs even to miscellaneous articles.
Anxious Celebrations
Nanda shows the phenomenon where happiness became a product through commemorative photographs disguising the unstableness and anxiety.
Is this real?
Lee Jae hoon has been exploring problems of collective system of value and conventionalized perception existing in modern society in which the so-called ‘gloomy generation’ live. The fresco method in his work delivers the substantiality of objects by making phenomenons of the present age into a suspended record which informs the fact that the function which began from monument forms is still valid in the masses of characters, and at the same time it is an important point which gives us a peep into contemporary introspection in the artists work.
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