The Triennale di Milano Library and the Historical Archives present Books&Foods, a selection of historical and contemporary items referring to catering space: the café/restaurant design from the Triennale Cafeteria to the Cafe Nicholson in New York, with an original view to Museums Cafés in Italy from the early Twentieth century and a selection of images, graphics and photographs ranging from the home kitchen to home-cooking.

Examples of different choices of areas and equipment dedicated to the bar/restaurant and café in the Palazzo dell’Arte in the various exhibitions of Triennale di Milano: from the Cafeteria on the terrace of 1933 to the Design Café designed by Michele De Lucchi in 2002.

VIII Triennale, 1947, Carlo Pagani, Coffee bar

XIV Triennale, 1968, Joe Colombo, Bar of the section Espressioni e produzioni italiane

Umberto Riva, Bar, 1994

Michele de Lucchi, Coffee Design, 2002

Eclectic place, a meeting point between the mainstream and the creativity, Cafè Nicholson fits well into the cultural and culinary New Yorker social fabric. It returns the passage of the characters that have attended the Cafè from the Fifties to the Nineties.

Cafè Nicholson inside, The Continental magazine (1962, n.3)

Karl Bissinger, Hoagy Carmichael

Karl Bissinger, Gower and Marge Champion

The Historical Archives of the Triennale tell the evolution of space catering and design of the kitchen/dining room, private space/domestic space in the various exhibitions, with an original view to Museums Cafés in Italy since the early Twentieth century.

VI Triennale, Kitchen, Umanitaria school's students, Accomodation n. 3

VIII Triennale, 1947, Hyregastemas Sparkasse, Standard Kitchen, Swedish section

XIII Triennale, 1964, Joe Colombo, Mini-Kitchen

XVIII Triennale, 1992, Marco Susani, Mario Trimarchi, New Tools

The Special collection Ephemerea (Fales Library, New York University) presents recipe books, cookbooks, canning and preserving books where the graphics and advertising are linked to the dissemination and knowledge of automated machines for the preparation and administration of food, intertwined with the literature and the disclosure of some popular global brands and small companies established in the territory.

Ephemera, Advertisement

Ephemera, Advertisement

Ephemera, Cookbook

Ephemera, Canning book

Curated by Tommaso Tofanetti and Claudia Di Martino
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