Mar 13, 2018

PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION "Our common house" Universidad de los Andes, Santiago de Chile     

Museo de Artes Universidad de los Andes

To celebrate the 28th anniversary of our University, Chilean photographers were invited to portray our campus and university activities.

Campus UAndes, our common house
Within the framework of celebrating  the 28th anniversary of our University, 15 Chilean photographers accepted the challenge of portraying our university activities, which has also allowed shaping the First Photographic Collection Universidad de los Andes. In this way, these artists generated, under the topic "Campus UANDES our common home", a gaze that gathers and expresses the identity of this University, exemplified here with a selection of 28 images.
Snowy roundabout
"Recording everything that happens in our Common House is inexhaustible, and historical too. The snow falls and melts, in a campus that grows and evolves," explains the photographer.
From the Andes mountains, the common house contemplates the city of Santiago.

The common house is also a place for recreation, new friendships and studying.

Doors to knowledge
"A gateway that inspires anyone. A night shot of this architecture that leads to wisdom", are words of the photographer.

Our common house is located in the pre-cordilleran heights of Santiago, getting wide views of the city.

Buildings and circulation. These areas articulate large empty outdoor spaces, a dialogue of contrasts.
Between stones, water and light
Night presence: the stones and their reliefs become important when the raking light casts its blaze from the ground, reversing the architectural  perspective of the Clinic Universidad de los Andes, giving a more friendly appeal to its access.
Outdoor classroom
"The large natural spaces the University offers are an invitation for studing, for meditation and inspire peacefulness," the photographer tells us.
"With this goldfinch, a species difficult to see in the city, I wanted to highlight the interesting fauna that exists in the University, a characteristic bird of the pre-cordilleran peripheries of Santiago," the photographer declares.
Each student undertakes a walk to develop as a person and as a professional. The University, our common house, welcome them to travel their own routes.

"Black and white of such a masterful architecture. The clouds gave a perfect sunset, whose lights and shadows finished sculpting the scene", is how the author describes this image.

Talking at the University.

Exploring the world of knowledge
"The generosity of those who planned this architectural project, with traditional and modern features and designed for future generations of students and academics" was what encouraged this photographer on his tour of the campus.
Museo de Artes Universidad de los Andes
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