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A fragment of the history of LGBTQIA organizations' activity in Poland, told by posters.

Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual People, Transgender People and Queer People "Pracownia Różnorodności" (SPR)
The SPR was created from the transformation of KPH Toruń, a branch of the "Campaign Against Homophobia" association - as its continuation and development. In their activities, they use various means, ways and possibilities, constantly searching for new ones.

On May 22 2009, the "Pracownia Różnorodności" Association (SPR) was officially launched - a new LGBTQ organization founded by people previously associated with KPH Toruń. In "Gallery for?" and the "eNeRDe" club was played by both people forming the SPR or wanting to join it, as well as people invited to the inauguration from outside Toruń.

The Living Library "We do not live in a homogeneous country, as many think. People here have different views, skin colors, sexual orientations, different ethnicity, religion (or lack of it). It is the diverse people who will be "books". You will be able to borrow them and talk to them in the reading room. The Living Library allows you to leave the world of your own ideas about particular groups. From the division into "us" and "them". It will allow to understand other people and look at the world through their eyes".

Provocative, queer party. Yes - we are playing with the convention, we mock the stereotype and we are not afraid of references to bicycles, chains and push-ups.

A series of meetings devoted to lesbian literature. L.A.S.K.I. - lesbian affirmative book and integration meetings addressed to non-heterosexual women.

IV National Meeting of LGBTQ Organizations. The invitation of the SWP eventually adopted 13 organizations. OSOLGBTQ was held for the second time in Toruń (for the first time - in 2012); the two previous meetings took place in Krakow and Warsaw.

Silent Day - a silent protest against homophobia and against the silence that society allows.

"DARKROOM CINEMA - a series of film screenings, designed for all those who appreciate the diversity of expression, the richness of the world and the paradigm of reality, not necessarily consistent with the general message. We will try to disrupt it with both ambitious film images and subversive bits".

The Equality Culture Association
Stowarzyszenie Kultura Równości (The Equality Culture Association) was founded due to the needs of non-heteronormative culture in Wrocław. They organize Marches in Wrocław, Equal Rights Festivals, debates, happenings, workshops and meetings. They come from KPH and Q Alternatywa, they cooperate and support many other organizations and initiatives, fighting for equal rights and a decent life of residents of Wrocław and Lower Silesia.
Tęczówka Association
Tęczówka Association is an organization working for LGBT people. We deal with social education, including the promotion of tolerance and anti-discrimination, especially with regard to sexual orientation and sexual identity.
Fundacja Q
The mission of the Q Foundation is to create a space for social integration of non-heteronormative people, including the elderly and the disabled. We also help people experiencing crisis situations.                                                                                                    

As part of the LGBT Film Festival (2018) as the Historical Club (Linda Marczak) of the Q Foundation, we wanted to remind you when the subject of LGBT+ appeared in the history of cinema for the first time. Up to 7 films have been created for contemporary posters.



Non-normative models of relationships



WINGS (1916)


Faith and Rainbow 
Faith and Rainbow is a group of Polish Christians LGBTQ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, queers) as well as families and friends. An event implemented by a women's group in WiT.

St. Lucja Pak Hŭi-sun (1801- 24.05.1839)

St. Agata Chŏn Kyŏng-hyŏb (1790-26.09-1839)

As part of the O'less Festival, Agnieszka Wiciak created the exhibition Who is Saint? The Saints were presented, some of them were non-heteronormative women.

St. Agnes Roman (290-304)

St. Rosa from Lima (20.04-1586 – 24.08-1617)

St. Hildegard (1098-1179)

Chrząszczyki (Beetles) are a group of women who like to play football. Among themselves, they differ in many respects: origin, nationality, age, education, views, religion, fitness, social and professional status, favorite club and - last but not least - sexual orientation, and our common denominator is passion for football.
Black Protest
Black Protests take place throughout Poland and are related to the decisions of the Polish Sejm regarding the complete abortion ban. There are many non-heteronormative women among the Fighting Poles.
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