Outsiders & Present followers of the Hlebine School

Koprivnica Town Museum - Gallery of Naive Art, Hlebine

The collection includes the works of the later followers of this tradition - until the present, contemporary authors. Particularly interesting are the authors that are classified as marginal, at the crossroads of naive and outsider art.To them the most important is the process of creating, originality, spontaneity of expression.

The Outsiders
Drago Jurak, Ana Matina, Zeljko Korosec, Zvonimir Krancelbinder... Less explored authors whose creative work is positioned at the edge of Naive Art, bordering with Outsider Art, Art Brut and similar phenomena in contemporary art. Presenting these authors is an attempt to show the richness and diversity of Naive Art, but also the possibility of new perspectives - considering at the phenomenon of Naive Art from new angles.

From the cycle "Fantazmopolis" cycle of fantastic, of imagined cities: the city-ships, city cathedral; cities connected by a multitude of architectural elements in its exuberance and the dense population create perfect harmony and an indivisible unit.

Ana Matina is a unique painter in Naive Art. Housewife who painted only and exclusively with her fingers. She has managed to build his artistic universe, independent of any influence and completely away from the uniformity of most recent works of Hlebine School.

Minimalism, simplicity, schematicity brought to the full expression and creative power.

Social criticism and critic of political systems through unusual forms that classifies Zvonimir Krancelbinder by the edge area of Naive Art.

Present Followers of the Tradition
Works of the recent authors who work in the manner of Naive Art 

Mystical atmosphere and characters who emerge from the rich vegetation which is to further plans engulfed by the light and the swinging forms.

The uncertainty and the inevitability of death transformable fluid forms in the dark gamut presents the influence of Ivan Vecenaj that is successfully adapted and transform into individual artistic expression.

Swinging forms associated with some realistic element in the vicious circle of mild erotic impulse.

Tale of Drava Goldsmiths emerged with a tale of painted landscape where every leaf and water drop meticulously drawn in closely built composition. Influence of Mijo Kovacic.

Generalized figures placed in the open, dynamic compositions, bright and clear tones.

Meticulously refined portraiture, composition enriched with floral motifs.

Unusual landscape takes us to a different world of fairy tales and wonderful creatures and stories.

Specific and distinctive dandelion motif that dissolve into imaginative, balanced and slightly dinamized composition of blue tones.

Interesting technically derived housewife, gentle expression oversized hand which underlines the importance of faith and prayer in the simple life of a peasant.

Credits: Story

Curator of the exhibition: Helena Kusenic, curator, Koprivnica Town Museum - Gallery of Naive Art, Hlebine
Photographs: Vlatko Lacković, Foto Mlan, Koprivnica, Croatia

Credits: All media
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