Here, Now - Street View

Outdoor Project

Welcome to the Street View Tour of the Outdoor Festival 2015. 

Here, now pt.1
Here, now pt.2
Here, now pt.3
Lucamaleonte bio
1979-1982 pt.2
Penique Productions bio
Graphic Surgery bio
Instrusive Structure IV
Intrusive Structure IV
No Idea bio
Società Liquida
Rub Kandy bio
Room 1
Room 3
Marine Leriche bio
objects trouvés pt.1
Object trouvés pt.2
Objects trouvés pt.3
Vasmoulakis Bio
Tinho bio
and then comes the silence.. pt.1
and then comes the silence.. pt.2
Insa bio
Facing immortality pt.1
Facing Immortality pt.2
"vertigo" by Mad-D & BVRGER
Martin Whatson bio
never ending story
Tilt bio
Indoor outdoor pt.1
Indoor outdoor pt.2
Halo Halo bio
The Blu Room
Bio 108
Il disturbo del nero pt.1
il disturbo del nero pt.2
Filippo Minelli bio
Cose che ho fatto mentre non servivo nell'esercito pt.1
Cose che ho fatto mentre non servivo nell'esercito pt.2
Roman Pavillion
Garavini Bio
Garavini pt.1
Garavini pt.2
Uno Bio
All in
Pasquini Bio
Belive it or not pt.1
Belive it or not pt.2
2501 bio
Nomadic room 01 pt.1
Nomadic room 01 pt.2
blind eye factory
Credits: Story

Director – Francesco Dobrovich
Art Curator – Antonella Di Lullo
Visual Artists Assistant – Marine Leriche
Pubblic Relation and Secretary – Caterina Francesca Giordano

Executive Director – Alessandro Omodeo
Interior Designer – Omar El Asry
Stage Manager – Alfredo Sebastiano
Production Assistant – Lorenzo Rolli
Production Assistant – Leonardo Dragovic
Production Assistant – Alessandro Proietti

Google Content Manager - Livia Banci

Creative Direction – Francesco Barbieri

Press Office Manager – Antonella Bartoli
Press Office Assistant – Patricia Calvo Garrido

Photografers – Alberto Blasetti and Alessio Mose

Video Makers – Valerio Musilli and Giorgio Varano

Speaker - Christian D'Errico

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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