Tree of Life, a global icon

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

A music and light show seen by more than 14 million people

The Tree of Life is the symbol of the Italian Pavilion, a place for entertainment and a global icon.

The structure, designed by the creative director Marco Balich, buds from the search for a decidedly Italian symbol, representative of one of the most extraordinary periods of human genius: the Renaissance period. The architecture of the Tree, which technically represents an “extrusion” from Michelangelo’s floor in the Piazza del Campidoglio, reaches a height of 37 metres and its foliage widens out to about 42 metres.

A 37 meters high sculpture made of steel and wood.

The concept
Following the metaphor of the breeding ground, the Pavilion becomes the Nursery, the humus of resources in which the Tree embeds its roots into: experience, knowledge, culture, material and immaterial patrimony are our great “strengths” and our vital energy. The leafy branches of the Tree are nourished by this sap and redistribute the seeds all over the world, in a symbolic gesture of participation, sharing and generosity.

A monument to groundbreaking creativity, which is also an outstanding scenographic machine able to produce one show per hour for the entire period of Expo 2015. Water and pyro fountains, light and projection effects animate this spectacular creation, which aim is to create emotions.

Over 2000 shows in 180 days, more than 10 shows every day.

Instagram: 250.000+

An audio track specially composed by Roberto Cacciapaglia, Italian composer and pianist, three-dimensional effects, extraordinary light works and projections, give the visitor an emotional experience as never before.

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The concept of Tree of Life is by Marco Balich, while the design is by Marco Balich, jointly with Studio Giò Forma

Three Italian companies that have believed in the projects and in the goals of the Italian Pavilion from the very beginning and have made possible the realization of the Tree of Life, which is an ambitious work indeed. They are: Coldiretti
Consorzio Orgoglio Brescia

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