Ionian Land: Spirit of Antique Scholars or Thinking Paintings!

Museum of Fine Arts in Peredelkino

If it were possible to compare the spirit of a thinking man with something else, I would compare it to the sword of a samurai. Attraction to the thinking eyes, to the sharpness of thought, to the wrinkles on forehead led me to the creation of many paintings within the last two years, 24 of which were born one after another upon reading a little note in the Internet. It was a note about the materialistic scholars of Ionian Land, who lived 500 years B. C. Overtaken by the sense of an archaeologist-investigator, I discovered 150 scholars along with their directions of schools and academic lineage. Day by day, my surprise and excitement intensified as I discovered fundamental scientific discoveries that had been made long before Galileo and Newton. The discovery of an air as substance, the structure of the medicine, the main axioms of geometry, and many others created for me distinctive images of scholars whom we will undoubtedly be unable to see in any forms of sculpture or paintings due to their ancient origin and little fame, which usually helps to leave behind "readable" traces in history. Arsen Levonee.

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Museum of Fine Arts In Peredelkino

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