Jul 23, 2011 - Sep 30, 2011

Very Fun Park 2011

Fubon Art Foundation

Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei's East District

YungYen Tsui adopts the classic fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood to discuss how women shape themselves as they mature. In different social settings, females are often conflicted between eagerness to and fear of displaying themselves. Underneath the fairytale-like hood, we see that shy Little Red Riding Hood is eager to grow up. She starts to walk the fine the line between self-exposure and the thrill of being watched.

“Timeless memories have been transformed from black and white images into vivid ones. The wonderful images of the bygone time manifest themselves in a picture in the form of colorful metal foils.”

In such a creative process, there is no awareness that draws the boundaries, only occasional attempts to create an excuse for any deviation.

Artist Liu Po-Chun has named this series after images of Vajrasattva, alluding to Wuxia, or stories of martial arts, along with other genres like mythology and science fiction movies. The strength, prowess, and invincibility of these contours resemble the Buddhist Vajrasattva and the state of a powerful completion.

The work “Good Hearted Man” is made of old Fubon uniforms, cut and re-sewn.

The theme depicts a “sphere man” who, out of a strong love and care for Earth, carries the recycled clothing on his shoulders. The mirrors on his feet reflect a smiling face: the attitude that carries him through this important mission.

In a space devoted to yoga learners,white resembles purity.

As demonstrated by the wooden puppets dressed in same-color boxers sprawling comfortablyon the floor.

For another piece of work, artist Nagao has sculpted a solemn-looking boy, who curls his ten fingers to pass along a token.

Several types of rectangular solids and cubes made with paper were composed to make real spaces, which are not illusions. By keeping color to a minimum, the artist presents a series of works made by trial-and-error, considering the picture’s composition and structure from different angles

Artist Luo, Jr shin knows how to capture the subtle moments in everyday life. He does so by freezing a moment in time to enlarge the conflict and absurdity within. The artist adopts ordinary objects as source materials for his creation and reproduces “reality” using the wealth of imagery embedded in the objects.

With Liesbet Bussche’s ingenuity, the street signs, fences and pedestrian island have been transformed into elegant jewelry exhibition. Fixed objects quietly carrying out their duty in the corner of a city have all of a sudden become lithe and pleasant.

“Bits and Bits represents the trifles in our everyday lives. The color lines that popped out of picture books record the pleasure of every summer.”

This piece expresses the awareness of the existence of an object by viewing the empty space that the object once occupied.
By drawing flowers on an empty space, Ohmaki captures the story of an object as a blank silhouette or “shade,” visualizing the absence of that which should be there.

In collaboration with sculptor Yoshikawa Kimiya, Tsai takes unremarkable pieces of soft fabric, cuts it into flamboyantly abstract shapes, and weaves those shapes amongst the branches of the mango tree. The effect is that of a cloud floating in midair.

Her work has transformed a plain-looking mango tree into a kaleidoscope: an exuberant sculpture that evokes boundless joy in passers-by.

Fubon Art Foundation
Credits: Story

CEO:Maggie Tsai
Director:Vivian Hsiung
Administration:Wen-Ching Shin, Yu-Hsuan Lu, Wan-Chen Tsai
Exhibition:Wei-Lun Chen, Wei-Ling Tsao, Shu-Ping Kuo, Yi-Jung Tsai, Nicole Wu
Promotion:Jada Chan, Chyi-Ju Chiu, Shih-I Chung, Wei-Shih Liao
Forum:Sara Chen, Mong-Tzu Hsu, Han-Yi Huang
Photography:Shun-Lung Chung, Wei-Chi Li
Documentary Production:On-Works, Wan-Jen Chen, Wen-Chieh Chuang
Book Design:IF OFFICE

Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu, Liu Po-Chun, Sheu Jer Yu, Lu Yen-Yu, Kijong Zin, Shinji Ohmaki, Luo Jr Shin, Wu Chi-Tsung, Yang Pei-Chen, Lin Tai-Hsuan, Jen Ta-Hsien , Ena Nagao, Katsumi Hayakawa, Fujui Wang, Liu Ding-Zan, Huang Hsin-Yu, Lu Chih-Yun, Sophia Yu, Chang Huei-Ming and Liao Chi-Yu, Jasper Huang, Page Tsou, Chen Shu-Chiang, Gordon Wiebe, Takashi Iwasaki, Leonid Tishkov, Sanyu, Fang Minto, Chen Sung-Chih, Pan Xin-Quan, Wu Chi-Zeng, Tsui Yung-Yen, Tsai Hsiao-Chi and Yoshikawa Kimiya, Haru Komoda, Chang Teng-Yuan, Pojui Lin, Yuki Matsueda, Hu Hwei-Jing, Chen Wan-Jen, Tsui Hui-Yu, Chen Yi-Chang, Lin Yu-Ting, Tong Yali and Wang Yujun, Mr. A-Lei, Chang En-Tzu, Liesbet Bussche, Hsin-Chien Huang, Hsu Min-Sheng, Hsish Jia-Wen, Hu Ta-Hua

Credits: All media
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