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Galerija Josip Generalić

Place where Naive painting was born. Ivan Generalić was the first man who started painting in this new and unique style and who also wanted cultural heritage of northern Croatia to remain known to younger generations to come.

Ivan Generalić
A man who started "naive" painting by painting on paper bags from uncle's store. Then his talent was discovered by Krsto Hegedušić who said that he was a wonder-kid. As few years went by, Ivan had his first exhibition and started something unique in the world, painting on glass with oil-paint and connecting this tehnique with rural surroundings os northern Croatia. He was soon recognised in the world, and now, he has world fame. Later on, his son Josip continued tradition, and made it possible for all the people from arround the world to see this amazing works in Hlebine on soil where all began.

Most famous painting od Naive art painted by Ivan Generalić

White deers are the symbol of Naive art.

Goran amongst doctors actualy refers to one of the most famous writers of Croatia, Miroslav Krleža. Miroslav Krleža is represented in this painting in his different life forms.

Eifel tower is a painting that shows what Nive painting is realy about. Unique connection betwen rural nature and world-famous objects.

Painting sent to Ronald Raegan and Mihajil Gorbachov during cold war represents compasion for ending the war. Upon sending those paintings, Josip recieved gratitude from both parties.

Woodstock - previos generatons can truly remember the party that was connected to this biggest music festival in world.

The Beatles in rural surroundings of northern Croatia.

Father paints is a great portret of a father that paints his painting.

Sofia Loren, one of the greatest actors of 20th century.

A cat under Sofija's arm is supposed to represent her husband and the symbol of keeping men under control. Said in funny way by Josip Generalić.

Janet Jopplin - The singer

Level of details is so deep, that for some parts of paintings it takes few months to finnish.

Hlebine Yadwiga

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All credits are assigned to Ivan and Josip Generalić, whom are no longer with us on this world, but they live in our hearts through their work that they left behind for us to enjoy.

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