All the art at MAO that will empty your mind and make you say "Ommm"

Sitting meditation
Lotus position: with legs entwined, knees on the floor, hands resting on the legs and eyes closed. "Development of calm" allows you to achieve maximum relaxation and promotes meditation.
Standing meditation
The body is relaxed, stretched and open. Feet are parallel, with tips looking forward. The head is held as suspended by a string from the ceiling. Let's unifie internal energy, imagining that our breath can flow throughout the body.
Two-dimensional meditation
In Sanskrit there is a specific word to indicate the meditation: dhyana. No other language has a word that means the same, though in Western languages ​​there are three words that can suggest it: concentration, contemplation, meditation. "In prayer you speak with God, while in meditation you are the one who listen to Him."
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