Purism in Santa Maria della Scala

The two Fontes: Sarrocchi's reading of della Quercia's Fonte Gaia 
In 1858 the sienese purist sculptor Tito Sarrocchi was commissioned to create a copy of della Quercia's Fonte Gaia, severely damaged. The artist's task consisted in reinvent the sculpture's missing parts and in identically replicate the preserved ones. However, the artist did not replicate the statues of Rea Silvia and Acca Larenzia. The new Fonte Gaia was completed in 1868 and was placed in the "Campo" a year later, protected by a cancel made by Giuseppe Partini.

Sarrocchi's copy: Creation of Adam

Sarrocchi's copy: Wisdom

Sarrocchi's copy: Hope

Sarrocchi's copy: Fortitude

Sarrocchi's copy: Prudence

Sarrocchi's copy: Angel on the left

Sarrocchi's copy: Madonna and Child

Sarrocchi's copy: Angel on the right

Sarrocchi's copy: Justice

Sarrocchi's copy: Charity

Sarrochi's copy: Temperance

Sarrocchi's copy: Faith

Sarrocchi's copy: Thrown out of Eden

Sarrocchi's Gipsoteca
The Gipsoteca is made up of about 200 gypsum models that Tito Sarrocchi bequathed to the Comune of Siena in 1894. The models were originally stored in the school entitled to the artist, then transferred to Santa Maria della Scala. 

Castelli's funeral monument

Originally known as "The little Maenad", recently the artwork has been identified as a gypsum model for the Castelli girl's funeral monument. The little girl, whose limbs have been shaped soft and tender, is represented in the act to ascend to the Heaven, disrobed of the earthly garments who fall to the ground.

Male profiles

The First Reading and the First Pray

The two sculpture groups are representing an elder sister teaching to read and to pray to her little brother.

Portrait of Alessandro Manetti

The portrait was made for the Monument to Alessandro Manetti for the city of Grosseto,that wanted to celebrate the Maremma's sweepers and the locals eminents figures.

The Guardian Angel

The artwork is the gypsum model for the Family Barker's funeral monument in Alexandria of Egypt. The monument was commissionated by the banker Barker in 1875 in loving memory of his three little daughters prematurely departed in fact the guardian angel is showing the Heaven to the girls.

The banker Barker's three little daughters were closely portraied by the sculptor thanks to the use of little sisters' pictures. Three lilies not yet blossomed on the ground allude to the Death of the three children.

The "Madonna and Child"

This gypsum model was commissionated by the architect Emilio de Fabris for the facade of the Florence's Duomo. The Virgin had a lily in her right hand, later replaced with a scepter, now lost.

Giuseppe and Ruffo Alliata Campiglia's funeral monument

Giuseppe Alliata Campiglia died a few years before his little son Ruffo. In this artwork Tito Sarrocchi imagined that the Earl would get up from his death bed to met his little boy's hug.

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Santa Maria della Scala, servizio programmazione culturale musei
Redazione di Chiara Nencini
con la collaborazione di Michele Caliani, Olimpia Dell'Avanzato e Viola Pecchioli (progetto di alternanza scuola-lavoro, liceo Classico e Musicale "Enea Silvio Piccolomini" A.S. 2017-2018)Fotografie realizzate dagli alunni della 3D-AM, A.S 2017-2018, del Liceo Artistico "Duccio di Buoninsegna" di Siena.
Per le foto si ringraziano inoltre Alessio Fabbrini e Luciana Petti.

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