10 Most Significant People During 100 Years of Dentistry in Yonsei

Yonsei University College of Dentistry

The 100 years of dentistry in Yonsei share the history of modern dentistry in Korea, as well as the history of Yonsei University which is the first university and Christian comprehensive university in Korea. As we reach 100 years of dentistry in Korea, it would be a good time to remember 10 great mentors who dedicated their life for Christianity as well as the medical care and educations in dentistry of Korea.

Oliver R. Avison
As the medical missionary from Canada, he built the foundation of Yonsei University as Director of Chejungwon, Principal of Severance Medical School, and Principal of Yonhee School from 1892 to 1935. He invited dental medical missionary, Dr. Scheifley, to open first Department of Dental Sciences in Korea (1915) within Severance Union Medical College. He also submitted the petition to build dental medical school (1921) but was unable to fulfil his dream due to hindrance by Government General of Joseon.
William J. Scheifley
As the first dental medical missionary in Korea, he was the Chief of Dentistry from 1915 to 1920, following the appointment as the first head professor for Department of Dental Sciences in Severance United Medical School. He introduced modern dental education and dental care from United Stated in an effort to train dentists. He selected and trained two of graduates from Medical School for 2 years and gave them graduation certificate, though the qualifications were not accepted by the Government General of Joseon.
J. L. Boots
As the successor to Dr. Scheifley, he was a dental medical missionary who served as Chief of Dentistry from 1921 to 1939. He submitted the petition to build dental medical school with Dr. Avison, but unable to do so due to hindrance by Government General of Joseon. He built dental treatment center with 3 floors high that contained treatment room, lecture theaters, library etc, following the support from American Dental Association. Also he supported the overseas education of Bo-Ra Jeong and Yoo-Kyung Lee etc in United States, to train leaders in dentistry.
J. A. McAnlis
He was a dental medical missionary who graduated from North Western Dental College in United States. He worked for Severance Hospital from 1921 to 1941, and was responsible for dental care in Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics by working with Dr. Boots, while working hard for the training of dentists and dental laboratory technicians. He was appointed as Chief of Dentistry following Dr. Boots from 1939 to 1940.
Jong-Seo Ahn
He was the first trainee dentist in Severance Hospital, as he worked from 1925 to 1931. He was also the first Chairman of Joseon Dentist Association following the independence of Korea, and was appointed as the Chairman of Korean Dental Association for 4 times (1945-1946, 1950-1954, 1958-1960, 1962-1963). He submitted proposal for building of dental college to Yonsei University Foundation as the Chairman of Korean Dental Association, with provision of active supports.
Yoo-Kyung Lee
He started working for Dental Department in Severance Hospital from 1929, and following a job as assistant and later associates of Dr. Boots, he was the first person to study overseas at Pittsburgh Dental College in 1935. Following the graduation and obtaining dental degree from USA, he was the first Chief of Dentistry in Korea from 1940 and 1944. He also served as Chairman for Korean Dental Association (1964-1968).
Bo-Ra Jeong
Following the entry to Severance Hospital Department of Dentistry in 1932, he was working as assistant to Dr. Boots, and later went to North Western Dental College. Following the dental degree in USA, he was trained for complete denture course during 6 months, and returned to Korea. He served as Advisor for Department of Health during time of US military government in Korea and professor of prosthodontics in Seoul National University Dental College. Also, he attended World Dental Federation (FDI) meeting in 1959 as the head of delegation from Korean Dental Association, where he successfully led the membership for Korea in FDI. Additional roles by him included professor of North Western Dental College, President of American Prosthodontics Academy, Chairman of Korean Dentist Association in Chicago, and Ambassadorial Consular of Chicago etc.
Young-Duk Park
He was the first head professor in Department of Dental Sciences following the promotion to Severance Medical School after independence of Korea (1947). He was a trainee dentist from 1934 and went overseas to Japan to specialize in oral surgery at Tokyo Dental School. He was then Chief of Dentistry from 1944 to 1956. Although he was offered to serve as Director of Dental Hospital in Kyungsung Dental School, he remained in Severance Hospital to contribute on development of dentistry and training of excellent dentists. He also was the first Dean following the establishment of Yonsei University College of Dentistry.
Dong-Sub Lee
He was the first head professor of Department of Dental Science in Yonsei University Medical School, which was established following the unification between Yonhee University and Severance Hospital. He started working for Severance Hospital from 1943 till 1963. He also served dental care in Severance during Korean War, and contributed the recruitment of professors for each speciality, while preparing foundation of dental college by establishing system of training dentist. He submitted the proposal to build dental college (1963) and contributed hugely for the approval by Foundation.
John McInnes
Following the training for oral surgery in Minnesota Dental College, he was a dental medical missionary sent by North American Presbyterian at 1956, in order to aid recovery of Department for Dentistry in Severance Hospital. He submitted 'Report on Establishment of Yonsei University College of Dentistry' following the unification of Yonhee University and Severance Medical School, while submitting 'Commentary on Dental Medical Care in Korea' at Journal for American Dental Association (1958). He also provided huge contributions during the establishment of Dental College.
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