The passion of the Viguiers

Château de Bouges

The château holds a collection of horse-drawn vehicles and harnesses which were the passion of Henry Viguier. Mrs Viguier’s passion can be seen in the gardens and interiors.

The couple acquired the château of Bouges in 1917. At that time, Mr Viguier was the President and Managing Director of BHV. Mrs Viguier is descended from a family of weavers, Etablissements Normant, in Romorantin. As a result of their passions, the château of Bouges set the standard for hunting (small game). It also contains some exceptional 18th century furniture.

Mr Vigiuer’s passions: horses and hunting

Mr Viguier altered the stables to accommodate his hunt.

The loose boxes still bear the names of their last occupants.

The great saddle room, or saddle room of honor, contains fine saddles and harnesses. Saddles, bridles and harnesses hang on its wall panels.

The small saddle room, or working tack room, is used for maintaining leather and preparing food for the horses. Harnesses, halters and some hunting wear are displayed here.

In the yard behind it, the shed for horse-drawn vehicles now contains some fifteen vehicles, all of them repainted in Mr Viguier’s colors, blue and jonquil.

This coupé in the Aumont style is one of the most interesting items. It has no seat for the coachman because the vehicle is steered by postillions mounted directly on the horses.

This game cart clearly shows that horse-drawn vehicles were not used only for taking drives. The hunt sets off.

The hunt sets off.

Mrs Vigiuer’s passions: the flower garden and interior décor

An elegant bedroom for the lady of the house.

A comfortable boudoir.

The English style, so fashionable in Renée Viguier’s day, can also be seen in these “Liberty” style motifs.

The flower garden was created by Mrs Viguier, a nature-lover who had the kitchen garden moved so she could grow flowers there instead...

flowers which still adorn the château today.

Château of Bouges
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