Mar 8, 2018

Pincen en Leuvuccó

Pérez Celis - Museo Virtual

Glimpse into creative process

Intrigued by the name of the painting, I looked for information in Internet, our portable encyclopedia. I have seen in the past Pérez Celis observing the environment, the landscape, and reflecting it in paintings, but Leuvuccó, what a strange name!. Here is the story of these paintings and the explanation of how the creative process worked for Pérez Celis. Sketches were rare, he sat in front of the blank canvas leaving his imagination free. He used to listen to music or radio to engage the "superficial" mind and let the "creative one" spring out of the depths of his spirit. The landscape engraved somewhere on his retina, was deploying itself on the canvas.
The Pampa series had a companion of road, the philosopher and poet Fernando Demaría, a beloved friend of Pérez Celis. According Fernando Demaría’s manifestation they had met... "In La Boca in one of his previous houses while accompanying Rafael Squirru, who had been asked by the artist a judgement about a recent work. This initial meeting was the threshold of my friendship with Celis, and so I keep it in a very intimate place of my conscience "...
"Celis received us in a bereft room, almost empty, which contained as a central motive the work of art to be judged. It was a window, a solid painted with a central opening, as if it were a void presented by the frame of art."
The fruit of this friendship and the journey to La Pampa, to Quemú Quemú, was the book "Pampa Roja" whose first edition was printed in 1968. Fernando Demaría:.. "The poems and engravings presented in this book correspond to journeys, made through different ages and different landscapes. Together we made the final journey, reading first in Quemú Quemú the life of the Pampean chieftains and then touring the desert, until reaching the Fort Mercedes, where the remains of Ceferino Namuncurá are found. Part of the trip we did on horseback, mounted on a piebald and a white Tordillo "... In this route Pérez Celis run into the tomb of the Cacique Mariano Rosas, in Leuvucó.

Book by Luis Franco reading in route to Quemú Quemú

Book by Luis Franco reading in route to Quemú Quemú

Fundación Pérez Celis
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Fundación Pérez Celis
Designers Iván Villani and Luz Arias

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