Jan 1, 2013


Galeria de Arte Urbana


Along a maze that covers almost the entire surface of a body is floating in the fog, near the seaside. In the figure, lavishly crafted, can be easily identified red face, hands and feet. Moreover, flourishing in his chest, a ball of loops, an amalgam of elements with distinct patterns emerges.

Two big feet appear suspended, pierced by small worms. These members support an inverted bottle, in which is still some liquid. This covers with waves, all the composition’s base. At the center of the bottle, one icon emerges, a sign that displays a face, half flesh, half skeleton.

This is a scene from the wild west. Over a background full of diagonal bands of words, there is a battle between cowboys and Indians sometimes dismantled or riding. This is, of course, an evocation of primordial clashes between the two communities that have shaped the American culture.

A cowboy with covered with a red cloth around his face was hit by four arrows in the back, is bent on his white horse. Both are on the brink of a precipice. In the background we can see a big red sun.

In a small house, there are two figures that fill the entire gable. With a contemplative attitude, a girl appears in costume probably from the early twentieth century. Behind her is approaching a robot with a sweet gesture to share a secret that makes her eyes dream.

This billboard advertising the author MoreLess (symbolized in the positive and negative we can find on the poster) entered a scathing statement, proclaiming the "World's on sale" and present their next exhibition entitled "Sell Out", where everything is for sale .

A giant robot lying on the floor with grass and flowers growing through its metal body.

Credits: Story

Fotografia — José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML 2013

Credits: All media
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