Consecrated creators “osgemeos” (Brazil), Blu (Italy) and SAM3 (Spain), held in two derelict buildings, urban art interventions of large-scale, integrated into the artistic programming the TIMER project works, an event promoted by ACA Azáfama Citadina Associação, in partnership with Urban Art Gallery of the City of Lisbon.

A character hooded with eyes narrowed, as if to take aim, stretching the elastic of the slingshot. The slingshot is made from a gray bald man. The hooded character has a sticker on the cover that says "I love vandalism".

A crocodile climbs the building shedding crocodile tears and holding a small fish in the left paw.

The artist created his own tricycle and attached several cans to it and while he moved with the tricycle the cans were painting giving a rainbow effect on the wall.

Using his usual abstract discourse, Momo composed this intervention within the Crono Project. On the facade, we can see large monochrome patches of great vivacity, still absorbed to the windows, followed by areas in which the artist makes clear traces of paint from the spray can, and other areas completely devoid of paint. Among these three options of plastic, are becoming visible, some geometric elements, such as a circle and a line segment.

After his work in the public space, which often involves appropriating aesthetically urban elements, transforming them into disruptive installations, Brad Downey with gray painted this wall in Lisbon, under Project Crono. He painted respecting all traces of letters, even the weakest, the existing building, discovering the presence of a phrase possibly with a revolutionary origin -. "Those who work are not paid"

In the context of Project Crono and enjoy the presence in Lisbon, Brazilian artists - osgemeos - this Hall of Fame among them and several national artists such as Smile, Sea, José Carvalho and others was held.

Facing in a masterly way the pre-existences of the building, Vhils dug over this face on a small wall, piece integrated in the Crono's Project, of which was one of the mentors. Peeling the wall surface at different depths, sometimes even exceeding the plaster and revealing the bricks, the face absorbs the existing window, and for that the artist has integrated the composition in an off-centered manner in relation to the building configuration.

A huge shadow peeking out of the building through the windows. The stars of the building were pasted with paper reflector to reflect the night lights of the city.

Within the plasticity that has characterized this duo of artists, Ram and Mar did this work under the Project Chrono, the most emblematic avenue in Lisbon - Avenida da Liberdade. Towering heavy seas in sailing a boat made of paper, a white head appear with three guys and the top, opened by own hands the figure, is obscuring a chicken composed of flowing lines made ​​of various colors.

A black bird with white head observes another bird. Both are next to a tree branch that emerges from one of the shuttered windows of the abandoned building. This piece has a tag with African influences.

A king like character has a large yellow crown on the head with the logos of various oil companies. It has a straw in mouth and in the other hand the planet Earth. Looks like he's sucking the earth of all its resources.

A woman wearing a blue dress is sitting down in the sidewalk after slipping on a banana peal. In front and in back there is several other bananas peals laying on the ground

Mud projected against a wall designed with three zeros that seem to characterize a person of color like in the drawings at the beginning of Walt Disney.

Credits: Story

Curator  — Alexandre Farto aka Vhils
Curator  — Pedro Soares Neves
Curator  — Angelo Milano
Fotografia — Galeria de Arte Urbana 2010
Fotografia — Leonor Viegas 2010

Credits: All media
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