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“Various themes”

Recalling the work of Almada Negreiros, a creator of the renowned Portuguese modernism, again the street artist worked their fashion designs, which generally appeared a woman with a cat spirit and a man in the background. In this representation abandoned naked tattooed woman appears before the attack of a tiger tearing his visible heart in the chest.

PIM! is one of the most recognized interjections Almada Negreiros in their literary works. Used in his "Manifesto Anti-Dantas," symbolized an attack against the anachronistic cultural scene of the country. The street artist represented in particular by radiography of the young artist and the futuristic architecture of the collapse of an entire generation.

Big Brother is watching us! The face of a man who watches us frontally, appears to have a monócolo right eye, detail it certainly deepens your search look. Formal dress with hat, cane, vest, the figure appears on a background dripping flanked by geometric elements.

This is an inspired theater "commedia dell'arte" scene, involving figures such as Pierrot, the Columbine, Harlequin. The composition profusely fills the poster as a "cabinet curiosités" inhabited by various figures, we can find numerous exotic elements.

"Lowbrow" is the title of the exhibition for which the street artist Mar did this work. Lowbrow is a plastic movement of less creativity. Combines lowbrow pop surrealist notes clearly and provisions of this billboard. Five headless figures are in swampy waters, one sailing in a ball made of rainbow.

There is a house made of letters. It is a poem to inhabit? Or a library? On a black background were painted in white layers of words stencil. In some areas with higher density, an optical effect points to a door, a window and a place name.

The story comic style painted on a billboard. Titled "Creative Block", the story depicts the artist attempts to end their creative works.

This is a triple portrait of Almada Negreiros, the creator of the renowned Portuguese modernism. The study was conducted in the context of an evocative exhibition of his birth and represents the artist at three different stages of his life. All the crosses in their self-portraits, the photos with the look of a contemporary author who produced this piece.

This is a clash between titans The Super Van and Peter Zamith. Profusely filling all the outdoor, both brought their most common characters. These grotesque figures, arranged in two large blocks, are fighting between black and white and a colorful palette.

A series of six fish, decrease in size from right to left. Are eating each other in series from the largest on the right side, to lower left. The smallest is just behind a submarine and screams interjection "UPS". The submarine oblong, has an eye and a mouth to smile in front, and eyes on the windows and a periscope. Fish and submarine are black and white and the background is light blue with streaks of darker blue.

In memory of all the hard work by Almada Negreiros (the creator of the renowned Portuguese modernism) the relationship between the Portuguese and the sea, the street artist traced the wood of a ship. The boat is a woman and her face extends to the bow. With the body made of a ball of string, she still hangs an anchor and rudder of the ship there is a rabbit.

Evoking the geometric abstraction crafted by very Almada Negreiros, the creator of the renowned Portuguese modernism, the composition conveys something of the look of mathematical Negreiros and expressionistic contents of this street artist. Over a background made of gestures, filled with dripping and choreography with elements supremacist values​​, emerge to the surface.

In a choppy sea, a small boat inhabited by two female figures, is directed towards the unknown side of the moon. The woman who is conducted abandons herself in a languid gesture, the other leading the vessel, is blindfolded and leans in an effort to arrive.

The magic lamp, a winged dragon, a moon of a hat, a bottle with a message, a boy peeking in a paper boat, adults who fell in this universe of fantasy to reality.

Credits: Story

Photography — 2013 José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML

Credits: All media
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