“Interventions on the theme “Living Nature” in commercial and public spaces in Lisbon, Setúbal and Alfragide”

This is clearly a parking lot, but the "Living Nature", this project’s title, emerges in its walls. Between traffic signals and orientation signage, were born some purple mushrooms and arrived a lizard full of vitality.

A fox runs scared through an imaginary forest, between tree trunks, sometimes transparents, and water lily like plants.

A Hoopoe, a hare and an imaginary bird with blue wings and black body with stars runs from a forest to the beach.

A woman figure with a fox head and tail rides a small red boat against a wavy blue ocean.

A giant colorful beetle tries to fly between the ceiling and the floor of this parking lot. His wings seem filled with flower petals. So, the "Living Nature" project brought a set of huge insects that carry a note of living spirit to the space.

A nature theme represented by a huge beehive hanging on a tree branch with a firefly overlooking it. Below we can see an ant with its head sticking out between the leaves. A snail is slowly moving. Around these elements there is a twirl of small leaves.

In the "Living Nature", title of the project, animals are portrayed alive, sometimes in their natural ambiance, unlike a still life setting. Although held in a parking lot, this piece displays a cocoon quite developed, already on the verge of blossoming, suspended from a tree trunk.

In this parking lot, the "Living Nature", title of project, continues to emerge. Breaking some holes in the wall, burst small colored branches and a gigantic blue hand releases a breeze of leaves and flowers.

Credits: Story

Fotografia — 2013 José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML
Curated by — Galeria de Arte Urbana

Credits: All media
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