May 1, 2012

Mixed artists

Galeria de Arte Urbana

“Various works around Lisbon”

In the picture we may face with a piece of urban art, which is characterized by sculpted face, typical technique of the work of Vhils. This figure with overlapping handwriting with the tag Klit and with the usual floral notes

This is a sacred territory. The figure of a quiet and dark Iemanjá arises over an altar full of offerings. The figure flanked by two secret letters - an N and an A - appears on a background that evokes geometrically sea waves. On her chest, emerges a delicate iconography of an heart with an eye, a key, a ladder, an anchor. 

“I can not remember”, and “I will never forget” and “The whole head in the moon” are the phrases that we can find painted in this colorful wall, intervened during the Todos Festival, an event dedicated to multiculturalism. Honoring the heritage of calligraphic graffiti, those testimonies were translated into the various languages spoken in this part of town - Hindi, Croatian, and Creole.

The artist Niels Shoe has deepened his way of writing. Started in calligraphic graffiti, today produces letters that resembles a medieval gothic, creating murals with word.

Against the background intact in color and decay of the building, the land comes a wave of petals and leaves in shades of green and navy blue. This aquatic flower grows, penetrates and draws a huge iris suspended in the gable.

A lizard painted black and white, a man sleeping, a saint and a snake. Local legend says that the lizard, called by the saint, the man woke up just before the Cobra attack. There is a profusion of traditional iconography Portuguese as filigree hearts.

In Lisbon, this is the only intervention of urban art held within an arc. There the author left a job of transition between a phase dedicated to the totem, fusing animals and plants, and another phase dedicated to fluid mapping of the islands.

A graffiti black and white, representing the left two crows with a man floating monk robes rest in a thorny branch, a caravel right, and center, on top of an existing door with grids. Ravens and caravel are the symbols of Lisbon, and the man with monk's robes is São Vicente (St. Vincent), the patron saint of Lisbon.

A Chinese mask with red and brown hair, beard, red lips, nose and eyes, and a pale yellow skin, painted in a black technician closet. This piece is one of several in electrical cabinets painted with ethnic masks, inspired by cultures belonging to communities living nearby.

The black and white urban landscape. The landscape shows a wide street with a line of trees in the center, and buildings on the sides. Some people wandering in the street. Occupying the left lane is the three-dimensional artist tag. Painted in the first building on the right wall is a "Through-up" artist.

This is a duel at sunset! In this long wall, four artists were fighting in the street - two boys and two girls. And they brought their power figures as a female tiger and a queen of hearts against a bunch of "Caretos" and a giant man.

A black and white painting, with the imperfections of the wall, which represents five naked figures of different sizes around a wave in the center. The cloud is present at the top, forming a hair little figures.

A cannon made ​​with a pencil is pointing to the horizon. Its ammo will certainly be words and drawings exhibited in the streets of Lisbon. The weapon, however, is shrouded in a cloud of blue delicate petals, touched by a gentle breeze.

An urban landscape depicting an accident where an electric ran the tag of the artist. A tag is a three-dimensional painting with the colors of tram are, yellow and white. There is blood on the floor. A row of trams cars is behind the first and some people walking on the sidewalk.

A black and white portrait of a giant boy, looking up the soil line.

Two alien-like super heroes fighting, both looking at a star. Their faces are not in their heads, but on your chest and back. In both figures, traits of characters such as Bugs Bunny's feet and Moebius universe can be found. A hand-shaped fish are swimming around these two giants.

Huge portrait carved on a wall, representing a face with deep wrinkles. Only the forehead, eyes and nose are represented.

There are 7 storeys in this gable, which rise in a spiral, the body of a horse and his own ghost skeleton. Around him, some smiling fish swim. The piece was made in blue and pale pink that has characterized the work of the author.

A dead black and white bird with an incomplete golden egg in their cloaca, is close to a golden egg closed and open a golden egg, within which is an alligator black and white smiling with a blue party hat. Half of a third of the golden eggs is also present. A ring of yellow identifier is present in the paw of the bird, it is the artist's signature.

This mural was made during a meeting of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries and evokes their ethnicities, their symbols, rituals of calligraphy, their spoken and written heritage, its unified spirit represented in the papers that float through the composition.

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Fotografia — 2013 | José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML

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