Jun 1, 2011 - Oct 1, 2013

Reciclar o Olhar

Galeria de Arte Urbana

“6th edition of “Recycling the Look” project that included the intervention in more glass recycle containers with the theme “The Oceans.”

Glass Recycle Container with blank white background with painted black algae that appear to be floating in bottle bank.

Looks like a Glass Recycle Container made of wood, but it is only an artistic intervention that filled it with countless concentric circles, creating a trompe l'oeil effect of sawed trunks.

Glass Recycle Container with background painted red. The artist represented a maritime theme by drawing white jellyfish around the bottle bank.

Glass Recycle Container with a painted submarine. Inside the submarine are several characters seen through the windows. Inside, coming from a pipe, we can see a character colleting bottles.

This glass recycle container, intervened according to the peculiar spray technique which RAM has been deepening for years, displays a tsunami that will fall on three small and fragile paper boats. The circular structure of this composition reinforces the very configuration of the container.

Glass Recycle Container with the background painted black and with white stars. A huge fish with big eyes smiling saying "Fish Me Baby".

This glass recycle container is a gathering of old stories characters. There are the three scared pigs, a dragon and a little prince in his armor, the paradise full of apple trees and a skinny snake, a dinosaur, butterflies, whatever you want to rescue in our childhood imagination.

There is a glass recycle container in Lisbon tattooed with a lighthouse. Installed on a small island, the lighthouse appears portrayed in a decisive moment, while huge waves insist on plaguing it and take its territory definitely.

Glass Recycle Container with faces painted with at least two colors. The faces have their cheecks very accented and serious looking.

Glass Recycle Container painted green, with the top painted blue. A crow, the Lisbon City symbol, is sitting at the recycled glass symbol. Santo António, a canonized Portuguese catholic priest from de 11th century, is riding the tram 28, the most charismatic tram route in Lisbon, and fishing through the tram window.

Light pink heart painted on a deep pink Glass Recycle Container. The heart is a face with blue eyes, sharp canines and a long tong. The heart is greedily looking for something. There are two nipples at the top of the heart.

A pigeon painted on a Glass Recycle Container, bird which is a common element on several pieces of this street artist. The chromatic variation goes from the blues to the reds through yellows, pinks and violets. Several tree leaves and small branches are painted all over the container.

Credits: Story

Photography — 2013 José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML

Credits: All media
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