Italy Pavilion and the Territories: Central Italy

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

 A journey through Italian regions

The Great Beauty of Italian territories
The relationship between local regions and the Italian Pavilion was one of cross-fertilization, whereby the venue successfully incorporated the vibrancy and creativity of local areas. The aggregation of the country’s various regions within the context of the permanent exhibition involved all three of the pivotal ideas established by the pavilion’s creator Marco Balich and the pavilion’s General Commissioner Diana Bracco, which were elaborated during the local seminars held between October and December 2013. To give meaning, drive and direction to the powers of beauty, limits, know-how and the future, it was necessary for the various regions to break away from their stereotypical portrayal in terms of landscapes, society and local areas. The regions also presented themselves to the public during the weeks allotted to them by rotation and through a rich programme of events of considerable social and scientific relevance organized within the Expo. In what later came to be regarded as a grand “fringe event”, the <a href="">Conferenza delle Regioni e delle Province Autonome</a> organized fourteen cross-regional seminars on several key themes that included water, the landscape, longevity, the Mediterranean diet, food research, art cities, quality of life, and health – among others. These meetings resonated with the vast number of people who attended. Through a truly collective effort, we have succeeded in presenting all the many different sides of our country: the Alps, central Italy, the Apennines, and the peninsula’s many seaboards. Instead of participating in isolation, these regions and towns worked together, giving a voice to all the local platforms that make up the remarkable patchwork of Italy.

Abruzzo's presence at Expo2015 had at its core the amazing biodiversity of its territory. Through multimedia contents and installations visitors discovered this natural and cultural biodiversity lab

The Lazio Region and Rome had a permanent presence within the Italian Pavilion. A room equipped with oculus and augmented reality technology enabled visitors to enjoy amazing landscapes

"Life Expectations" was an exhibition aimed at showing Expo visitors the main cultural and alimentary factors that make Marche one of the place with the highest life expectancy in the World

"Since centuries in the future" is the concept Toscana chose for Expo 2015. Its art, history and landscapes tell visitors how strong Toscany's commitment toward research and innovation is.

Through the claim "Spreading knowledge as food for mind" the Umbria Region recalls its historical tradition of writing embodied in the meticulous activities carried on in the monasteries

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