October 2014

The Daily Lives of Jeju Haenyeos

Jeju Provincial Self-governing Haenyeo Museum

Haenyeos heading for the sea

Seomun-dong haenyeo is hitting the Olle trail for diving

Haenyeos in Changheung-dong are heading out for the sea alongside the Hado-ri Migratory Bird Reserve.

Haenyeos in Changheung-dong are heading to the sea to work.  The majority of haenyeos ride motorcycles as the primary mode of transportation.

A view of a changing room in Seomun-dong.  There is affectionate talk and a warm atmosphere among haenyeos before diving.

Haenyeos prepare in the changing room in Guldong port before going out to the sea.

Taking the Nwaeseon (phenacetin acetphenetidine - a pain and inflammation relieving medicine) before going into the water.

A haenyeo is wearing a wetsuit for diving into the sea.

Gul-dong haenyeos are heading for the sea fields to work for the day

Haenyeo heading to the sea farm in a long line

A lighthouse in front of a port in Dong-dong and a haenyeo going out for work

Haenyeos having a conversation before diving

Gul-dong haenyeos are heading for the sea fields to work for the day

Underwater photography of a working Haenyeo 

Underwater photography of a working Haenyeo  

Underwater photography of a working Haenyeo  

Haenyeo working despite harsh waves  

Gul-dong haenyeo returning from hard work of diving

Haenyeo emerging from sea waves after work

Haenyeo chatting on the boat 

An aged haenyeo is coming out of the sea, carrying the collected agar weeds with a great effort

A haenyeo is showing the octopus she caught in the sea. The octopus is struggling dramatically.

Remnants of life   - Wrinkles show hardship and toil of haenyeo life  

Life of haenyeo as seen in their wrinkles.  

The Crinum (Swamp Lily) and the Haenyeos  

Affectionate haenyeo family  

Aged haenyeo returns home carrying a water jar  

Donjigdang (Shrine) where Haenyeo pray for a good catch and their safety  

Haenyeo in Sin-dong, Hado Village carrying out ‘Haenyeo ritual’ to pray for safety of Jeju haenyeo and fishermen and well-being of their families  

Fortune-telling - Shaman of Hado Village conducts fortune- telling for Haenyeo families and their affairs.  

Half farming, half fishing - Haenyeo are highly occupied by both fishing and farming  

Returning home - Haenyeo carrying floating net chat on return home under clear blue autumn sky

Credits: Story

by  — Kang
Kwon Yong, Kwon Mi Seon

Photos from  — Jeju
Photo Members, Haenyeo Museum,
Jae Chul, Kang Man Bo

Planning — Haenyeo

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