The Nikolay Ostrovsky State Museum - Humanitarian Center

The Museum is located in the center of Moscow at 14 Tverskaya St. in the house – a monument of architecture and history of the 18-20th cent., built by architect M. Kazakov.

The Museum combines three different themes, which are shown in the fates of people – the residents of the house belonging to different historical epochs.

Empire-style fireplace clock, The dawn removes the blanket of night. 1810
Z.A. Volkonskaya's salon. 2010
Tea service featuring monochrome depictions of generic and sentimental scenes. 1820 - 1830

In 1824-29 in the house worked the literary and musical salon of Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya. From 1908 to 1917, the mansion belonged to a merchant, Eliseev. Since 1918, the house was divided into apartments.

Portrait of N. A. Ostrovsky. 1936

In 1935-1936 in one of these apartments lived writer Nikolai Ostrovsky, author of the novel “How the Steel Was Tempered”. In 1940, a memorial museum was opened in the Ostrovsky's flat. The great deeds of his life inspired other people who had also experienced difficulties in life.

A. N. Yar-Kravchenko painting N. A. Ostrovsky. 1935


Olga Sergeeva. The cove 1993
Leonid Ptitsyn. Roses 2010
Anatoly German. 1984
Yury Avdeev. 1968
Alexander Pokhilko. 2014
I. Vitoshinskaya. Lake in the forest 2000

Today, one of  its priorities is working with physically challenged people.The exhibition “Overcoming” shows this work.

Alexander Silyanov. 2008
Alevtina Zinovieva. 2004
Alexander Pokhilko. Street in the Crimea 2014
Irina Sergeeva. Waterfall 1996
Maria Zagorskaya
Sergei Popolzin. 1995
Lina Po. Woman with name-tag 1944

The Museum has become a real center of creative and spiritual revival of rehabilitation of physically challenged people.

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