Los Angeles Street Art Capture: NvrAlone

Random Act Projects

“Photographer NvrAlone Shares Some Street.”
Chuck Self/ 2015

The StreetArt Brokerage Firm ask NvrAlone to go through his collection of Los Angeles street art photographs for this exhibit.  

NvrAlone is a photographer living in the Los Angeles area and a huge lover of street art.  

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Moved by the Street Art popping up all over Los Angeles, Chuck Self was swept away.
Ingratiating himself into the Los Angeles Street Art scene with his sincere appreciation and joyful interaction, on instagram @nvalone has become a LA Street Art mainstay.
The art and pictures speak for themselves.

“I'm a 50 something year old man that has a passion for street art.  I don't have the skills to do the painting, stencils or the wheat pasting.  So I have to settle for photographing it.  I love to shoot pics of pieces that mean something to me and then share with others.  Either via social media or from my handy phone or ipad.  I have come to know many artists and found that they are the most humble group of people around.  Giving, caring, charitable and just good people in general.  I love all the various types of street art.  the beautiful, the funny, the thought provoking, the positive and even some of the negative.  As I am shooting a piece or just admiring one, I wonder about all the people driving, riding, walking by that don't even see the art or pay atny attention to it.  I think to myself that those people are really missing out.  That is why I have made it my passion to share what I do and hope it moves people the way it moves me.”   -NvrAlone



Credits: Story

Photographer/Curator — NvrAlone
Director — Andrea LaHue aka Random Act
Special thank you to Artists — David Flores, JR, Random Act, Shepard Fairey, Andre, Faith 47, Bandit, BumblebeeLovesYou, Jennifer Korsen, Jason Ostro

Credits: All media
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