Street Art Museum Amsterdam 2015

Street Art Museum Amsterdam

New Walls, Illegal Interventions and the first Street Game. Take a look into the artworks that were made in the streets of Amsterdam Nieuw-West and close to Schiphol in 2015. 

PEZ's Happiness Mural means a lot to our collection because this is the 2nd artwork from the great master who appears in "Exit through the Gift Shop" with is classic Blue Fish.

El Pez's latest mural Happiness in Amsterdam was a product of 1,5 days of work during the cold and rainy September of 2015. There are a few hidden symbols there too.

One of the symbols is the White Duck. The area of the mural is surrounded by beautiful canals full of ducks, however there is only white one on that canal!

The blue Fish in the left bottom corner is riding a bicycle, the pink Fish in a middle has an yellow eye like the colour of the founder of SAMA. The M letter is for Mohamed, the local boy we spoke to.

GOLA HUNDUN & KEYS-ART project Four Season continued to 2015. This is SPRING symbolised by tulips, the Turkish-Amsterdam flower, in our predominantly Turkish neighbourhood - the old and new school.

Four Seasons shutters project in De Vlugtlaan finishes with Summer and Autumn at the end of 1,7km of the avenue.

AUTUMN detail by KEYS-ART.

GOLA HUNDUN described this piece as the roots of the nature in the wake of the Spring.

Sunset over Schiphol.

BTOY is considered to be one of the top 5 stencil artist in the world. She is not new to SAMA, as somehow we end up making projects every year. An illegal work that took only 30 minutes to make.

The artwork became an inspiration for FIND ME IF YOU CAN Game . Those local residents who would find all of the 10 artworks placed on electricity boxes around the area would get FREE museum card.

This way we would inspire those with low income to 'earn' one year free access to all museums, and make a connection between our neighbourhood and more formal institutions in the centre of the city.

ICY&SOT had return to Amsterdam with a flight visit on a way to meet their family after 3,5 years of separation. The present for hosting two brothers was a series of Walking Alone boys.

This little boy is walking along a bridge. One day I saw a contractor painting over the graffiti in white. I asked him if he will paint over the Boy too? His reply was magic: No, because this is art.

Hope is an incredible example of experienced graffiti artist breaking architecture. The mural took 3 days to make in a windy November using free style spray painting technique.

KENOR is famous for his MAS AMOR projects in Barcelona in mid-nineties and a consistent love for abstract and electric colours. From legal and illegal trains to Formula 1 helmets - KENOR is non-stop!

The building is a legacy of Bauhaus and Mondrian philosophy that Cornelius Van Eestern was a big fan of, when he designed this part of Amsterdam.

At the end of 2015, the housing corporation Rochdale installed lights on all of the murals that belong to them. This created a year long light show worthy of visiting on its own merits.

The wall facing De Huygens College was a product of collaboration between MATAONE (BE), TEAMBLAZIN (NL) and 120 students. During the course of 6 calligraffiti workshops our crew collected words from the experience.

The words that provide background to a NAME, thus exploring the concept of ONE existing in the matrix of ALL, whilst examining the FUTURE.

MATAONE's mastership of free style spray paint technique allows him to turn 7 letters into an abstract masterpiece that not only evokes respect but also ignites imagination.

MORCKY is an Italian illustrator and street artist, a philosopher, a writer and a very witty guy in general. His art is a mix of abstract forms with figurative elements. In this case- find a salami!

What if good and evil didn’t really exist? Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy skyline, shaping life a constant battle between our will, our desires and celestial influence.

In our own hands lies the power to choose – what we want most to be, we are. In the artist’s vision the smoke expresses the GOOD as an organic form in a continuous evolution and transformation.

Always in a fight with its enemy the EVIL pictured in the wall with the representation of monoliths, symbols of austerity and tyranny. The artwork was donated by Celand.

NAFIR is an upcoming Iranian artist, who made his European debut at NUART festival in Norway. His ninja breaking the Facebook Like sign has gone viral instantly.

NAFIR descended on Amsterdam after breaking the internet at NUART festival and his visit to Berlin.

The result - two amazing artworks using a simple 1 layered stencil technique.

The artwork is based on the 500 year old poem about a man making a choice between his being a citizen vs a human.

Refugees are sliding down the EU Hope Baloon just like the spray paint drips on the graffiti wall.

30 cm tall stencil of a man, standing alone in the middle of the world.

OakOak's gift to SAMA was a thank you for the Office Walk with a Twist Project. A joke is on Banksy's A girl with a Balloon and the resemblance is uncanny.

STINKFISH is considered to be one of the top 50 graffiti artists living today. His technique of using fat cap, expressive use of colours and original imagery adds a lot of impact to our streets.

This portrait by Colombian artist Stinkfish shows a father and his child. The artist carries his camera everywhere he goes to take pictures, which he later translates into stencils. Fatherhood tells a story of the predominantly Muslim fathers in the area and challenges the stereotype that they are not involved in the upbringing of the children.

OAKOAK is a French artist who works with multi-media and situational artworks normally based on or inspired by cartoons. But with Office Walk with a Twist project it was all about a cupcake and fans.

All the artworks in the series Office walk with a twist were commissioned by Schiphol Airport, in order to encourage the employees to take a walk during lunchtime. The series include 10 works of the French artist OakOak, all of them giving a playful twist to the outside environment.

The Juggler is a hand-painted paste up with wheat paste. An eco-technique used by many street artists today. OAKOAK likes to put emphasis on rails - one of the most taken for granted things.

The Candle is lit for the victims of Paris attack, which took place only 2 weeks before the project commenced.

Plots Afraid of a Rubbish Can is an entertaining interaction between mandane grey objects that now lights up the dark corner of the parking garage.

The Cupcake has 100,000 on its top representative of 100,000 followers on Facebook OAKOAK got that weekend.

The Smile provoked an exciting phone call to the Schiphol Security: "There are activists painting smilies on the airport property". Luckily we had a permission :)

The Push is about team work and ability to get things done together. But it all starts with the first push.

The Skier is another playful take on the rails in a parking garage. "I pass here every day and I never paid attention. Now I will be looking for art everywhere!" is the best compliment we got so far!

A quick illegal piece left during the residency of SUSO33 in Amsterdam.

The unusual artwork is located on the wall inside of the SAMA HQ Gallery and is a quick "gift idea" from SUSO33 during his residency in Amsterdam.

The difficult wall was an assignment only a master of SUSO33 caliber could fix.

The tree and the 20 year old throw-up by JUICE were the main obstacles.

SUSO33 started his artist career on the streets of Madrid working in bright colours depicting splashes and graffiti bombs. He skilfully merged JUICE's piece with his stylish composition.

Although initially a challenge, the tree proved to be an interesting twist, as you can only see the full artwork in the ugliest season - Winter - when the tree is naked and has lost its leaves.

Catch a Bunny was the first of SAMA street games, whereby those who would find all of the bunnies and letters, would win a museum card for 1 year.

The idea was to merge Graffiti Letters with figurative drawings, Spray with Posca, wild style and focused composition. 15 individual letters form the slogan I Love Slotermeer.

Each artwork is made on a different surfaces highlighting the wide range of canvases available on the streets today: woodies, mayonnaise caps, posters, tiles, mini-canvases, etc.

This collage was carefully designed and put together by Bunny Brigade and Wojo. The stickers have been collected from all over the world. Pay attention to the details, because small things can be quickly overseen.

Every year the Street Art Museum Amsterdam throws a freedom dinner at the 5th of May, Liberation Day. This year there was a Barbecue for all the people in the neighbourhood, with music and bike-painting workshops for the children.

Credits: Story

Photos: Street Art Museum Amsterdam library

Exhbiti: Cika Schulz

Text: Cika Schulz and Anna Stolyarova

Credits: All media
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